The West, Entertaining the World into Degeneracy

The western media just loves to keep associating homosexual, bisexual, prostitutes, transgender, etc, with normality by casting actors in such roles whilst being nice and normal people in all other ways. Well, yeah, just because you are one of those who choose to be these doesn't mean that you're screwed up in other ways. True. But just because you aren't screwed up in other ways, doesn't make your fetishes and perversions normal either mate.

This series, Orphan Black, i quite like. Shaky camera is kept down to quite a large extent, and the storyline is quite interesting - which is usually the case with British shows vs american crapola.


...They really loaded it with their current version of full-scale debauched crap. Homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, gay prostitution, sexual, did i leave anything out? Well, if i did, these degenerates certainly didn't.

That's western 'entertainment' for you. They like to promote their sexual depravity by associating such proclivities with otherwise normal, nice, funny, and smart people. But if they are not perverse, but smart, then they are also cast as generally stupid - like they did with that rubbish sit-com, 'The Big Bang Theory'. There is no effort to cast such behaviour in a bad light. For instance, in Orphan Black, there's this homosexual guy in the show, who is smart, funny, loyal, caring, but is also sexually promiscuous and a prostitute as well. This is their way of associating and normalising bad behaviour by association with good qualities, and with no repurcussions or censure of any sort for the bad behaviour.

And there's even one scene when this sexually promisuous homosexual is asked to take care of two children - a boy and a girl. When the mother comes back, she finds that he has crossdressed both of them - with the little girl dressed as a boy, and the boy dressed as a girl with make-up. And the kids are shown as being very attached to him, and how much they like him so much, which presents him in a favourable light. The kids shout out to the mother, 'we are crossdressers! we are crossdressers!', to which the mother just says quietly, 'no you're not', and nothing else was said about it, with the twisted homosexual guy not being told off. Yet another obvious effort to spread the notion that 'freedom' is being able to redefine your gender as opposed to getting rid of the capitalist system.

And if this isn't enough, religious people are cast as 'extremists' and murderous in the show. That is quite the constant theme in quite a few of British and American 'entertainment' and 'news' now, and fast becoming the norm. It gradually chips away at the back door to your subconscious, till one day, you just feel inclined toward whatever the west is promoting. And throughout that time, they'll tell you that you are an individual, indepent thinker, someone who can make his own choices, so that when they finally disable your moral firewall, you'll think that you've always wanted the virus they want to inseminate you with.

And finally, in comparison to homosexual couples, heterosexual couples and marriages are portrayed as dysfunctional and fraught with violence, arguments, lack of intimacy, and infidelity.  Again, another quite frequent theme in western 'entertainment'.

The purpose of this seems to not only be a blatant promotion of homosexual relationships over normal ones, but for emphasizing the idea that that we ought to just focus on what makes a good relationship and that gender doesn't matter.  A certainly underhanded way to promote sexual consumerism.

A degenerate is not one who is perverse, but one who demands it be seen as virtue.

This is the western agenda. The last bastion against western perversion and depravity is faith and religion, and all our cultures which has it at its core.

 To eradicate religion is to eradicate all alternatives to the west's degeneracy. And the white man, in his couple of hundreds years project of wanting to remake humanity in his mephistophelean image, has finally 'come out' of his closet and is busy baring his sexually versatile prick in the face of the rest of the world whilst pissing on the cross, crescent, and all other faiths. They are pretty much the definition of degeneracy, depravity and debauchery without a doubt.  The western agenda for the promotion of depravity is simple.  Secularise, Decriminalise, Normalise, Globalise.

The western agenda for the promotion of depravity is simple.
Secularise, Decriminalise, Normalise, Globalise.

I have to wonder about these 'people'. Being degenerate isn't enough? They need to ensure the whole world follow suit? Why is that? Some act of self-validation perhaps. No. They aren't insecure as to want others to do as they do so that they can feel that they aren't doing wrong. No. It is simple gross abject arrogance engendered by more than a century of us validating their egos by doing as they do. You could say that they got rid of the notion of 'the devil', and are doing their best to eradicate religion so that there is no check on what they have become - the personification of 'the devil' himself.

The west, are Caligula personified, 
the Whore of Babylon certified, 
Lilith idolised, Pan digitised,
Perversion Globalised.

You are now all-round commodified, 
all sense has now taken flight. 
Hell, if they can entertain you, whilst beguiling you, 
then hey man, it's all alright.

Forget your moral conflicts. 
No such thing when it comes to their televised cinematic flicks. 
For their cultural evolution 
they've got their divining sticks. 
In no uncertain terms, 
it is nothing but their clits and dicks.

The beast has finally been unleashed, 
his ejaculations are your mainfare, 
no more the side dish. 
All round consumers, 
your life is nothing now but posthumous. 

- edX

Their consumerist Satanic logic of 'indulge don't abstain' has finally enveloped all aspects of human nature. From the mindless consumption of 'branded' and 'designer' nonsense to the sexual consumption of people, and demanding that our genders and morality be fluid so that this can be expressed in its full hadean glory. Incest is next. I don't want to talk in Biblical terms, but they have made it most relevant and revelationary - pun intended. They are in the process of taking away your freedom to have moral conflicts in the name of their perverse brand of freedom.

It is not surprising though. More than a century of enforcing exploitation via capitalism where people are reduced to their economic utility; dividing humanity via the illusory borders of the nation state; promoting mindless consumption of brands and the latest 'trending' nonsense; imposing sanctions on states that do not want to enforce a class-based exploitative society; revelling in gross gore, dismemberment, murder and mass slaughter via their 'entertainment'; diminishing thought through shaky cameras and flashing light movies; reducing thought through 'like' buttons; eating raw meat disguised via terms like 'rare'; glorifying colonisation, pillage and plunder through series romanticising their conquests; promoting 'gaming' which is basically an indulgence in killing; killing others in the name of progress whilst calling those who retaliate 'terrorists'; all of which reduces human beings to reacting beings appealed to only by the base and debauched.

And now this, the sexual consumption of all. How much are you people going to take before you realise that you've been thoroughly colonised in mind, body and spirit?

I can have my own depravities and fetishes, but the difference is, i know it is wrong, and may attempt to do good in other ways as a counter against my evils. But for the west, their efforts to do good in other areas is presented as proof that their evils are good. That, my dear Watson, is the greatest evil, as the boundaries between both are erased.

A degenerate is not one who is perverse, but one who demands it be seen as virtue.

That is the west today.

And your children tomorrow.



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