Immigration & The Fascist Democrats of Singapore

The problem with Qin-gaporeans (as opposed to ‘Singaporeans’, which is an amalgamation of all cultures instead of the predominant elite-imposed Qin mentality (as opposed to the ‘Chou’ which I prefer)) is that they tend to chart their position simply from that which they oppose and not through critical introspection which might very well reveal that they are just another point within a symbiotic and circular whole.

Personally, I’ve been quite disgusted with oppositional writers, ‘thinkers’, parties, leaders, etc, with the way they’ve been carrying on about immigrants. Well, I’ve said to my acquaintances in coffeeshops whenever the topic comes up, these people support and laud a culture which produces the need for ‘foreign talent’. And thereafter, they complain about its consequences. What on earth do you think is going to be produced by the lauding of just one culture over all, going with the popular and majority, being silent as the government speaks about maintaining a racial balance in favour of one group, being equally silent about the racialist ‘mother tongue’ policy that leads to the further underdevelopment of minorities in a country where ‘racism’ is simply seen as, ‘preference. No country and no family ever produced great minds by following such a course of underdevelopment. So of course, India, as opposed to Qin-a is going to be producing the IT professionals, doctors, lawyers, etc, whilst the latter is going to have to open up sweat shops and import ‘foreign talent’ to keep up aren’t they? Why is it that no Qin-gaporean (which includes all races socialised under this debilitating state of affairs) is talking about this? As I’ve always said, cultural pride has to come after proving its multicultural value and not before, lest the best that one can do without it becomes proof that one is great despite not having tried it.

Firstly, singapore always gives me quite a culture shock since I’ve always been more multicultural/Singaporean/Chou/British/Indian/etc than Qin-gaporean. What boggles the mind is that that which is taken as indicators of gross bigotry or neo-nazism here in England is espoused unabashedly by the so-called ‘democrats’ of singapore. Just look at the variety of nonsense spouted by notables from the blogging world, ‘asian correspondents’, ‘reputable’ sites, party leaders and so on and you’ll see what I mean.

Secondly, the way they go on about how the influx of foreigners is putting them in the same position which the minorities have been languishing in for a couple of decades with the aid of their self-absorbed apathy is quite embarrassing. Secondly, they forget that the ‘us vs. foreigner’ dichotomy is true only if you conveniently forget the fact that the Indians and Chinese were once ‘foreigners’ as well.

Thirdly, and well, let me put it this way, I doubt the Indian ‘talent’ from the subcontinent are going to come in and turn the ‘mother tongue’ of the nation into Tamil or Hindi. How many of these allegedly ‘democratic’ minded persons are kicking up a fuss over the discriminatory conditions emerging from the current ‘mother tongue’-cum-‘speak Mandarin it’s an advantage’ campaigns along with Lee senior stating that ‘in two generations, Mandarin is going to be our mother tongue’. How many fussed over the exclusivity of this whole thing, amongst a host of others which escapes their attention but which causes a public furore here in Great Britain. As I’ve said before, the United Kingdom finds great use for the Indian, the Afro-carribean, the African, etc, whereas in singapore, it might as well be a term identifying the abused. (by the way, there is no argument here. The moment the government stated that singapore must always remain a country with a Chinese majority, along with other policies, it became a racialist government, and the people, despite their race, and because of their apathy in the face of it, became racialists – and that includes all these leaders of the opposition, ‘doctor’ or otherwise for not even noticing much that does not even skip the attention of placard-wielding teen in the UK)

Fourthly, instead of viewing the foreigners as ‘undesirable’, why is it that they are not questioning the wide class divide for example? Why is it that many are talking about their not ‘integrating’ with ‘singaporeans’? Why is it that no 'enlightened' 'democrat' is taking issue with articles by notables that demonises 'foreigners'? Perhaps, being socialised under Qin, they expect conformity with the race-defined majority – just as the dilution of other cultures in singapore passed unnoticed amongst these hypocrites of the ‘opposition’ who probably subscribe, albeit subconsciously, to the ‘we majority what!’ syndrome. This ‘majority what!’ fascist nonsense is that which kept them quiet when minorities suffered as they do now in the face of ‘foreigners’.

Well, let me say this. If the ‘majority what!’ approach is to be honoured, then why don’t this cage-load of fascists simply shut up and let the ‘foreigners’ come in till the point they are ‘the majority what!’. Or perhaps they are simply afraid that they will be done unto in a similar fashion as they’ve done unto others perhaps?

This article, by the way, is purposed for the incitement of critical introspection for the realisation, not of ‘multiculturalism’ – which can sometimes be appreciating difference so long as our culture is the predominant – but of egalitarian multiculturalism. I personally view egalitarian multiculturalism as the path for the renaissance of the Chou. Whatever you race, make up your mind. Are you Qin or Chou? If the latter, learn to see beyond what’s most obvious to the eye or that which appeals solely to perceived group self-interests. That is an insult to our Chou ancestors. Remember, you are not only what you state, but what you fail to notice.




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