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‘Nazi Scum’ SG?

Irate netizen calls on Singaporeans to gatecrash “Water Festival” with TR's support

in comment: the fascist PAP? Let's not forget the fascist Opposition as well.

Human-Trafficking in Singapore...please help us we don’t want to be prostitutes

Human-Trafficking in Singapore...hitting the ‘quota’ - a txt msg story

Human-trafficking in Singapore...with work-permits

Aware Confirms Feminism is about Feminists telling Women what to do, not what women want to do? Part 2

Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, Heterosexual...makes little sense these days

Feminism is about telling women what to do, not what women want to do? Nonsense.

in comment, Yours Truly SG's, 'Cultural diversity in ancient China'

in comment, SG Skeptic's, 'Some Singaporeans are Real Bastards' - the meaning of 'Singaporean'

River 'Hong Bao' 'National Integration Night', a sino-fascist event?

What does this say about singaporeans?

In Praise of Hypocrisy

in comment, Father Luke's, 'The rise of the individual - the fall of the community'

What can we make of those whom call Lee a ‘dictator’...

1SG - Why the 'Speak Mandarin','Appreciate Chinese Culture' Campaign is a monumental mistake

in comment, "Chee Soon Juan: We must believe"

Explaining Racism - overt racism vs racism victorious

in comment, Singaporeans ‘one of the most tolerant people in the world’? Nonsense.

in comment, Pink Dot 2010: Homo Sapiens or simply Homos?

A Singaporean’s unhappy experience with the PRCs of yesteryear

in comment : What 'Singaporeans' are you talking about TR?

repost: Syed Alwi (Little India) Tourist information, an illustration of fascist racism

The Function of the Luminary - advice to activists