Human-Trafficking in Singapore...hitting the ‘quota’ - a txt msg story

The following are text messages received or forwarded to a2ed from a variety of sources.

“To all the gals today is sat and i have done my part of the promotion. If all of u gals bit 20 point and above, if u gals do that we will take a break tomorrow and lunch will be on me.

daddy xxx

‘Daddy’ is how the girls refer to the pub owner. ’20 points’ refer to $200 dollars worth of ladies’ drinks bought for the girl.

If I hit my quota today tomorrow is off day! Tomorrow (sunday) I want to go to church I want to go attend a church mass.

The girls said we all have to reach our point 20 today so tomorrow we can be free to go out

(late saturday night) Huh until now no customer so maybe canot reach quota n tomorow no off :(


Goodmorning I want to go out they did not allow us to go now bcoz I didn’t get my qota(quota). Now I’m stuck here again like a prisoner they locked up the gate cannot go anywhere

Please do an article about our job so the public will know really at this moment don’t know what to do we r stuck here

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