in comment, SG Skeptic's, 'Some Singaporeans are Real Bastards' - the meaning of 'Singaporean'

"Watching the way Singaporeans treat their maids made me think that some Singaporeans are real bastards. Even the maid agency is crazy." - article

Just curious. In indictment, would it be more apt to say 'Chinese' instead of 'Singaporeans'? And even if it is applicable to all, given the overarching Confucian/Chinese milieu and its inevitable impact on the perspectival development of all, would 'Singaporean' then refer to Chinese in persona if not in sight?

So when we say, 'Singaporeans are apathetic'; '1 in 3 Singaporeans are premature ejaculators'; 'Singaporeans do not have an opinion'; etc, etc, etc, that might just be a statement of cultural and 'racial' self-absolution. In which case, it would only be a matter of time before such culturally-induced traits are attributed to 'human-nature' because everyone begin to exhibit it after decades-long assimilation.

If we do not locate the source correctly, we'll end up plugging our arseholes instead of the rupture in the dam.

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