River 'Hong Bao' 'National Integration Night', a sino-fascist event?

[chinese character on a national monument (singapore flyer) further reinforcing the association between the 'nation' and 'chinese'- Further emphasised by 'Chingay' parade held in the Chinese New Year period, amongst others.]

That’s obvious enough to myself, except to the opposition, local bloggers, and the ‘house niggers’ populating either. Temasek Review, a verifiably fascist organisation, wrote about this event and how foreigners are going to turn the locals into a ‘minority in their own country’, and the government’s stance is seen as a ‘liberal immigration policy’.

Why are they afraid of being turned into a ‘minority in their own country’? Perhaps there is a subconscious fear that they would suffer the selfsame consequences as the ethnic minorities in singapore in the face of pro-Chinese policies and mass apathy? And just as the interests of ethnic minorities have taken 2nd place in the past couple of decades, are they fearing that they are now set to take their place as ethnic minorities move down to 3rd place? But this effort to speak up for the interests of all singaporeans is obviously an effort to garner the support of all locals regardless of ‘race’ and the inability of many Indians and Malays being unable to get a job because they can’t speak Mandarin or aren’t the same-same as the majority, so that they may be hoisted back onto their previously privileged status.

They take Lee senior to task for favouring Chinese nationals over locals as ‘hard-striving’ and ‘hard-driving’, but remain mum about how this was the very same reason utilised by the government to maintain the racial balance in favour of the local Chinese in the past. Where was the hullabaloo than? Where are the discussions associating the two events now? Has this incited any semblance of critical introspection amongst them in appreciation of the two? What does this say about the singaporeans of today and the true aims of those who kick up a fuss over ‘foreigners’ and how they are compromising ‘local’ singaporeans?

The most glaring oversight in the article by TR and its discussion amongst just about all ‘netizens’ and other singaporeans i’ve encountered is that there is no mention of how the holding of the said ‘National Integration Night’ on the last night of River Hongbao 2010 celebrating the Chinese New Year fundamentally associates ‘national’ with ‘Chinese’. Why not hold it in the more representative ‘National Day’ period. This completely and utterly indicts the oppositional movement, and just about all singaporeans whom haven’t noted this point as fascists, or more aptly, sino-fascists. It seems that whilst the oppositional elements are going on about their fear of becoming a ‘minority’ in Singapore, ethnic minorities, by their failure to appreciate the above points, have become non persona. It seems that the doctorate of James Gomez or Chee, or the double-honours of Kenneth Jeyaretnam, isn’t helping in bolstering their insights in these arenas.

Singapore needs new and true democratic leaders, but for that, we require a population of non-fascists. As the latter is obviously not true, given a multitude of evidence, the most we can hope for is ‘change’, but not democracy.



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