Why Singaporean girls might prefer foreign men, & how to last past the hour in bed

So ‘singaporean’ girls are beginning to prefer non-‘singaporean’ men. Let’s say it as it is. ‘Qin-gaporean’ girls are beginning to prefer non-‘Qin-gaporean’ men. Let’s not forget how much character is lost with monoculturalism. Let’s not forget the self-absorbtion and superficiality that is induced by the Qin, as opposed to a multi-perspectival Chou/Indian/Multicultural, state of affairs. These are consequences emerging from previous apathies – just like the need for foreign talent, problems emerging from traditional bilingualism, the lack of free speech and democracy, the PAP ruling for 50 years, and so on and so forth, whose significant contributory factors lie in the decline of egalitarian multiculturalism.

What most don’t realise is that the result of apathy is exacerbated when it persists in the face of difference. Hence, with monoculturalism from the 80s onwards, people became more practiced in discounting difference. That would inevitably impact negatively on one’s generic empathetic and in-depth appreciation of reality, and, that would certainly have knock-on effects on relationships at all levels. Hence, that is when Singaporean relationships, from more empathetic forms that might be experienced amongst the multicultural sector in the 70s and 80s, became merely economic and reproductive units. If we become adept at discounting difference when we are faced with it, that is when we are training ourselves to stick to our comfort zone for the purpose of relieving oneself of the tedium that might come with having to cope with something new or not immediately beneficial.

Such a person going into a relationship with another person, would thus be well trained to stick to one’s comfort zone. This translates to lack of empathy, care, passion, and even a sex life that is long enough to be fitted into an ad-break. I have often wondered why, when I was younger, I had heard Indians sometimes stating that Chinese didn’t last long in bed. I didn’t take this seriously as I doubt that they had been in bed with them themselves and thus wouldn’t know anything about it. However, over the years, and after conversing about sexual affairs with Malays, Indians and Chinese, I realised that there was indeed a tendency amongst the latter of the three to have stamina problems. Overtime, I, again, put it down to the self-absorption that comes with monoculturalism and the inability to appreciate the detail in things. That is why a monocultural individual might be more fixated on the orgasm and miss all the detail betwixt that might lead one to make the ‘event’ last longer.

I came to this preliminary conclusion after questioning many of my friends of different races and from the 80s to the present. This is further evidenced by studies which state that ‘singaporeans’ don’t have enough sex (sample size and the races taking part in the study is an important factor here); and the fact that there were none that I came across whom said that the ‘NYP sex scandal’ video was extremely short, if you know what I mean. And quite a few Filipina women whom I’ve spoken to – and I’m being very honest here – have said that once having experienced Indian men, as opposed to Chinese men, they tend to prefer them because they are very ‘malibok’ (horny), ‘good in sex’, ‘fun’, ‘can joke’. (No, I’m certainly not a philanderer as I do not find fulfilment in sex without a meaningful relationship – character means more to me than all the beauty in the world - but the feminine side of my nature tends to put them at ease enough to talk candidly about such things.) I also have to add that in the 80s, there were quite a few Malay women having relationships with Indian men (myself included) and they seemed to appreciate the vibrancy, fun, wit, and sex as well. And from what I’ve heard, Malay men are also quite vibrant in these aspects as well. In all of these, putting together accounts gathered over 3 decades, Chinese men exhibit the least in all of these traits. However, this is not true of the multicultural ‘Chinese’ men of the 70s and 80s. Of course, it may come to a point when all singaporeans, whatever the race, begin to exhibit similar traits given the overarching monocultural milieu. And indeed, I have seen my Indian friends, and especially those whom generally speak English, themselves changing to become quite the ‘singaporean of today’. (I’ve often traced the reason for my ability to easily last past the hour in sex – excluding foreplay – to my being birthed and reared by multiculturalism. The orgasm became less important compared to the experience of it all. The more you are, the more you will make of things, and the more you will have reason to make it last, if you get my drift)

I have often advised my Chinese friends on how one might be able to last longer than their averaged, 5-20 minutes mark, or how they might be able to have 3 or 4 orgasms interspersed by a minute or two. I said that the preparation for a great experience in the boudoir lies in the appreciation of detail and empathy. Be a great friend, care about those whom you do not have much to gain from, or whose interests do not impact on your group interests, and your feminine half would be amplified enough to make more of a ‘man’ of you in bed. In these, your third eye begins to make more of any experience, be it in terms of caring for your partner, or being able to appreciate so many things in the sexual act that the orgasm becomes secondary enough to lengthen the act itself. Self-awareness comes with other-awareness.

But failing this, you might find more women becoming lesbians, or looking abroad for more meaningful relationships.




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