Apple’s, 'Ipad'. Furthermore.....Steve Jobs can kiss my Socialist ass

No memory card slots?! You can trust these capitalist pricksters to withold features so that they can beef up the price for greater internal memory space. On Apple’s singapore site, the heading goes, ‘Yet another unbelievable feature: The Price”. Yes indeed. Unbelievable how one has to pay $200usd more for a harddrive space upgrade from 16GB to 64GB. And from some reports, there are no USB slots either. They’ve had you cornered into paying more for internal gigabytes which you can get from various external memory items at far less a price. If you want to use these, you'll have to fork out extra for adapters. How considerate. Marx had said (most insightful bloke indeed) that the search for profit drives the bourgeoisie all over the world in search for markets. In addition to that, it is also obvious that they hold back innovations and shelve ideas from the masses till version 1 ‘take 7’ - like Windows.

What’s the logic here? Are the capitalists saying that they have to produce a rubbish product first, get our money, and then use it to produce an acceptable product. Why couldn’t they have done it the first time round. I’m aware of technological constraints. But i’m also aware of the constraints for the constant need for profit to fund the global civil war conducted on an economic scale with the rest of us as pawns, aka, consumers/workers.

Steve Jobs can kiss my Socialist ass.



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  2. "version 1 ‘take 7’ - like Windows." Haha.. good one. These idiots would try all kinds of things to maximise profits. Imagine such exploitative behavior is applied in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, people would be trick into paying the price of 'version 7' for 'version 1' products, in terms of its efficacy. It's appalling!


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