The need for Oppositional Congruence and, perhaps, 'Foreign Talent' to run the 'Opposition'

I couldn’t help but afford an incredulous head-shake at Temasek Review’s, ‘Singapore MNC placed job ad for Malaysians only. Singaporeans need not apply’. Not too dissimilar to ‘Mandarin-speakers preferred’ don’t you think.

Where was all the fuss when ethnic minorities are denied a whole load of jobs because they are forbidden to study Mandarin” Where was all the fuss when the mother tongue policy was enforced in favour of the integration-friendly ‘cross-lingualism’ (encouraging people to study each other’s attributed language - suggested by a2ed, as opposed to the ‘opposition’)?

It is at times like these that one comes face to face with the fascist core and nature of the ‘opposition’ in Singapore. One really ought to wonder what activists like Seelan, Carlos Abdullah and Jacob69er are doing to spit-shine the egalitarian vision of the opposition. Perhaps they are too busy being ‘singaporean’ to bother about the ethnic minorities.

It is in this that one might find the meaning behind the complaining whinnny, 'jobs open to foreigners and not singaporeans?!'. It indicates the self-absorbed fascist apathy that pervades much of the opposition that the trajectory of their oversights are as consistent in their orientation as their insights. It refers to the effort, perhaps unwitting, to gather the support of all singaporeans for a cause that might again reinstate the 'majority what's!' back into their 'preferred' position. If they are speaking for all Singaporeans, then why the oversights of the pre-foreigner past? Tsk, tsk. Perhaps we need more 'foreign talent' from multicultural climes to run the opposition.

And there’s this bloke, Gopalan Nair, who wrote an article a few days ago entitled, ‘The cause of freedom will overcome Lee Kuan Yew's dictatorship. That much is certain.

Has Gopalan considered how ‘the cause of freedom’ is being fronted by fascist democrats? How certain is he that Lee Kuan Yew’s greatest achievement is not in producing conditions that render the ‘opposition’ little different from the proposition - oversights are far more diagnostic of one's perspectival conditon than insights, Gopalan.

Has he thought about how the ‘opposition’ does not take kindly to constructive critique? Or that they shun those who do not join them as mutually posterior-smooching partners. Or that they promote prominence-worship through their generally unquestioning subservience to the ‘vision’ of their hallowed leaders. Or that ‘oppositional’ demos in Speakers’ Corner are fragmented by interest and lack unity and mutual empathy? Or that oppositional elements talk about singaporean culture without appreciating that the ‘singaporean’ culture of today is actually ‘China's culture’? Or how the stance taken against ‘swarming foreigners’ by bloggers and prominent ‘new media’ is little different from neo-Nazi organisations in the west? Gopalan, like many of the ‘new opposition’, or more aptly, ‘new fascists’ keep hurling placards at the government of the day without realising that after 50 years of rule, anyone aspiring to be ‘opposition’ must, in tandem, engage in continuous critical introspection so as to not transliterate the evils of old into new and acceptable forms.

I have spoken about the concept of ‘oppositional congruence’ some time ago on another site. This refers to the ‘opposition’ not only taking on the traditional stance against the traditional source of grief, but making efforts to study how policies-past have managed to embed its perspectival consequences in other parts of the population. If this isn’t done for long enough, the final locale wherein we might find the consequences of policies-past is in an opposition that can aptly be described as ‘fascist democrats’. The only way to ensure that the ‘opposition’ does not mirror the party in power is to encourage internal critical introspection and be open to critique and not make the mistake of discounting all opposition as ‘pro-government’ - which is itself evidence of the mutation of the ‘opposition’ into fascists.

The ‘opposition’ has got lots of Cartesian-style critical introspection to do. Being arrested umpteenth times by the police for democratic activities is not proof enough of your democratic nature. But given their verifiably and quite entrenched fascist nature, I think they’d rather just simply focus on self-absolving governmental critique.




  1. I WONDER WHY ALL THE ETHNIC RACES ARE LEARNING ENGLISH FROM KINDERTATEN TILL UNIVERSITY! Simply puzzled that when a minority attends a sales job interview and is told in the face. He is unsuitable as Singapore customers speak Mandarin and the minority would be unable to serve the purpose of selling, due to lack of communication in mandarin.Could it be that what the interviewer meant was {due to his lack of communicable english). There were just too many China tourists flooding Singapore and it's shops, buying up everything by speaking and bargaining only in mandarin. As they don't speak English. English speaking tourists have stopped coming here to shop. How very sad! The minorities are not made compulsory to learn mandarin in schools, for fair competition.


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