Temasek Review goes, 'Sieg Heil!', again

Temasek Review’s done it again. ‘Singapore primary schools “swarmed” by PRs and foreigners’ goes the heading. Not too long ago, Seelan Palay, part of the SDP congregation, featured an article by TR that was similarly entitled - “Singapore Indian shocked that daughter is now a minority in Indian kindergarten” - in, I suppose, an effort to garner support from the relatively disadvantaged minorities of Singapore whilst failing to appreciate the point that nobody in the opposition was kicking up a fuss over how various policies had already disadvantaged ethnic minorities (SAP schools system, media discrimination/misrepresentation, mother tongue policy, the policy to maintain the racial balance in favour of ethnic chinese, etc, etc).

‘Swarmed’? Sounds like a derivative of the ‘swamped’ used by Enoch Powell in his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. Perhaps they meant ‘swamped’. I suggest these fascist cretins brush up on their terminology. I’d recommend, ‘Fascist Terms and Tantrums for Dummies’. Oh for goodness sakes, please do stop goose-stepping behind your hallowed leaders like good little girls and boys and learn to discern the difference between fascism and democracy through, amongst others, attention to the ever-evolving contemporary manifestation of the former. The lack of skepticism in the face of the prominent or the hallowed is that which is one of the hallmarks of fascism. (a wholly un-Indian thing to do by the way. Whether it is in the political or gangster scene (I speak from personal experience here), real Indians do not shy from casting the skeptical eye on their own leaders - Seelan, your heart’s in the right place, so take note please).

Now, let’s get back to the issue at hand. ‘Swarmed?!’. That gives the impression of invasion by alien and unwelcome entities. I am actually not surprised that the so-called ‘opposition’ are taking this stance given their being trained to discount difference and egalitarian multiculturalism for quite a few decades within singapore’s monocultural milieu. The fact that they do not notice, aren’t vociferously consistent in critique, or insightful when it comes to discriminatory phenomena that afflicts ethnic minorities or other disadvantaged sectors indicates their absorption in that which affects the ‘majority’. I didn’t see the ‘opposition’ kicking up as much a fuss in the past when the influx mainly comprised Chinese nationals, and I do not see them kicking up a fuss over how this serves to maintain a balance in favour of local ethnic chinese. They kept relatively quiet about it in the past, and are now being undone by their self-absorbed apathy. Having been relatively advantaged compared to ethnic minorities, it seems that they want to maintain this advantage through the discrimination of ‘foreign swarms’. Hence, the few instances of their efforts at recognising the need for egalitarianism become mere ‘figureheads’ of their appreciation of difference and can easily lead the generally ignorant and self-absorbed to believe that the local opposition are indeed forces of egalitarianism. (I have spoken about this at length in various and previous observations).

Thus, it is none too surprising that they would reflexively baulk at the influx of ‘foreigners’ and ‘immigrants’ from a, ‘they are swarming us!’, standpoint whilst diluting this with an appeal to local economic pragmatism. This, by the way, is a typical strategy of fascist organisations globally. Those whom are used to monoculturalism frequently react in such a manner. It is quite shocking that they are even using derivatives of words used by Enoch Powell in the UK in the 60s. I would strongly recommend that their writers, amongst others ‘democratic’ bloggers in Singapore’s fascistsphere, take a look at the strategies of contemporary fascists, for instance, in the UK, so that they can begin to tell their ‘democracy’ from their ‘fascism’ and cease to eat from their arses whilst flushing down their lunches. It seems that the local ‘oppositional’ elements are not dissimilar to the YPAP in that the, ‘that is the UK/west/etc, and we are we’ stance - an argument to discount counter-positional thought - seems to determine their perspectival evolution. The YPAP said it straight out in a recent article that caused much furore amongst the opposition, but the opposition seems to be practicing the ‘we are we and they are they’ view via self-absorption without saying as much.

With regards to primary school places, a non-fascist would immediately recognise the need for more schools as opposed to demanding that they be segregated in non-public schools. A non-fascist wouldn’t use the term ‘swarmed’, or ‘swamped’, in such a context as that would be more diagnostic of her/is problem with difference. A non-fascist would realise that these ‘swarming foreigners’ are working here and contributing to the economy and thus ought to be afforded equal rights, including school seats, housing, equal pricing, etc. Saying that most PRs are able to afford international schools and ought to be confined to such schools basically lumps all PRs together and subjects them to difficulties that locals do not have to contend with. Why, pray tell, should this not be applied to those locals who earn the same as the PRs then. As for giving PRs to PRC construction workers, cleaners, etc, well, you didn’t kick up a fuss over the ‘speak mandarin it’s an advantage’-cum-mother tongue policy-cum-maintaining a racial balance in favour of the ethnic chinese campaigns, and now you’re wondering why they are being granted PRs? Perhaps you ought to check your nutrition mates - perspectival nutrition as well.

Well, the ‘opposition’ will probably choose to ignore this observation as they, like the party in power, are well-adept at ignoring opposition unless it comes from the prominent. But reason has demolished their standpoint. They proselytise, hereon, from a vantage that has little credibility, democracy-wise. In this issue, I have to support the Party in power, with one reservation - locals should have first digs at jobs before they are offered to those inhabiting other climes.

Besides that reservation, A2ED welcomes all New Singaporeans with an open heart and mind.

Fascist on the left, Fascists on the right. Left! right! left! right! Raise those hooves higher damn it!

God save us all.

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