Placating singaporeans by screwing foreigners? Thank the 'opposition'.

I suppose Temasek Review, amongst other bloggers and political parties played a part in inciting this approach in the government. TR, neo-Nazi style, demonises foreigners on the one hand, whilst mixing in a sweetener such as appealing to the economic interests of ‘singaporeans’. (Whilst oblivious to the marginalised status of ethnic minorities in the face of pro-local chinese policies and consequences.) The opposition parties join in the barrage by their ‘singapore for singaporeans’ fascist nonsense whilst keeping silent about TR’s and others’ demonisation of difference and attempts to condemn the whole lot of them via a few bad apples. And party-affiliated bloggers such as Jacob 69er, Seelan, Carlos Abdullah, Utopia 8787, Gerald Giam, all remain strangely and similarly silent on these matters.

It seems that neo-Nazi labour is well divided amongst these wollys with none attempting to take issue with the evils of the other, and thus presenting a particular type of unity amongst the thus fascist ‘opposition’. Let’s imagine, albeit with a shudder, that Hitler won the war. Half a century later, democratic movements arise, not to dismantle the (3rd) Reichstag, but to get a seat in it. Not to free the less preferred from existing concentration camps, but to stop themselves from being interned in it. Would you call them democrats? To the ‘house niggers’ and well-intentioned and egalitarian chinese individuals in the opposition, would you really consider yours a truly democratic movement?

By presenting a united front of such a type to the government and the people of Singapore, the oppositional elements have certainly laid the foundation for the government to ‘placate singaporeans by screwing foreigners’. They are stoking a hatred of foreigners, and self-absorption amongst those whom have been privileged by the previous bout of fascism effectuated by the government. It is no wonder that the government seems to think it can placate the locals via the aforementioned strategy. I’ve often wondered, at times, if all the wombles leading the opposition are actually in cahoots with the government. It seems that their gaping oversights, approach, and failing to clean up the oppositional side of things as far as their fascist tendencies and perspectives go, is constantly providing the government with the basis for doing what they do. However, what I do believe is that a fascist government that simultaneously delivers economic affluence will have much of the strategies and perspectives utilised to deliver them, sanitised and rendered normal by association, and especially after as long a stretch as half a century. Our attempts to cope, compensate, and recuperate within such a scheme of things can actually serve to make it all quite palatable. And that is when our perspectives can be incorporated. And those born into such a milieu are even more susceptible to such influences as they will already have the paradigms that have been produced by the people to access with immediacy, and fall prey to, and from birth.

My comment, in response to the approach in TR's article, which for some reason fails to register at TR’s site, is as follows:

Instead of putting the stress on the 'foreign workers', why not just focus on pushing for a minimum wage here. Why is the working class f*cking each other along along singaporean vs. foreigner lines? At the end, it is the fat cat that is gaining mate. You should get some socialism into your system, and this confucian-style mutual antagonism along the lines of learnt biases out.



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