A Conspiratorial View of British Politics

I read a most insightful article by the Third Estate a short while back that observed that the reason why there is little distinction between the right and left with regards to the top 3 parties is that they are so accustomed to pandering to the demands of the public that their ideological compass reflects experiences reminiscent of that which might be experienced in the Bermuda Triangle.

But what’s left unanswered is why said pandering to the demands of the public tends to see a swing of the entire spectrum of the left and right to the right? Well, that’s for another observation, but in my waking moments this morning, I thought that a good strategy to swing them to the right, and the people along with it, would be to infiltrate the left with right-wingers who would then take the party right enough to make the right more palatable. A conspiracy? Or perhaps a sign of times gone right given the masses being increasingly customised for life within a capitalist milieu where both left and right are right off-centre and all become nothing more than the executive arm of the bourgeoisie - as uncle Marx put it.

If we are to buy in to the perspectives of conspiracy theorists who state that the world is being run by a collusive elite; that Blair, amongst others, are ‘33rd degree freemasons’ committed to global dominance - the ‘Headquarters of Supreme Council 33 Degree’ is at 10 Duke Street, London; and take into consideration the alleged workings of the Bliderberg group, the higher echelons of the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones society, Council on Foreign Relations, etc, etc, well, then it shouldn’t be far-fetched to figure that there might be some truth in this. But then again, even if we were to subtract these from the equation, and appreciate the fact that the perpetuation of power requires collusion amongst similarly interested minds, then we have to consider the aforementioned supposition as not only possible, but quite plausible.

The thing is, whether the above is true or not, the more the left and right swing right, the less the impulse amongst the masses to ‘confront’, as opposed to ‘compensate’, for their plight. That’s when we move on to thinking ‘there’s something wrong with me’ as opposed to ‘there’s something wrong with the system’. That’s when we move on to making the best of a bad situation and judging the situation as good insofar as a significant proportion of the population can make the best of said bad situation.

And that’s when we can move on from talking about the left and right to what’s right despite it not being left or right.



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