Global: How 'Israel' Justifies Tibet et al

[the following article was first published in 2006 by ed at a previous site]

The state of Israel was formed on the basis of a number of reasons, with one of them being the increasing rate of Jewish occupation of the region which in turn served to bolster the Zionist claim to a significant portion of the land of the Palestinians. (what may be termed, 'Ethnic Saturation').

The Ethnic Saturation of Palestine commenced with the efforts of the Zionist movement - convened in 1897 by Hungarian-born Jewish journalist, Theodor Herzl. This movement sought to unite those of the Jewish Diaspora in the land of the Palestinians in order to escape the historical persecution they had suffered in the hands of the Europeans in Europe. (the population of Jews in Palestine at the time was about 5%) This accelerated after the Balfour Declaration of 1917 that expressed British support for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in the hope of garnering American/Russian Jewish support for the Allied war effort - whilst the British made similar promises to the Arabs for their aid in capturing Palestine from the Ottomans in 1917 and 1918.

When Palestine was placed under the British Mandate by the egalitarian-sounding 'League of Nations', express approval was granted to the British to create a Jewish homeland in the land of the Arabs. This may be seen as the assumption of 'The Colonial Right'. That is, the right of western occupying forces to do as they pleased with the lands they thus viewed as their 'possessions'. And where the land of another is transmuted to little more than a 'possession' of another, the inhabitants of the land, as far as its possessors are concerned, become little more than persons occupying the land at the pleasure of its true owners - the colonial powers. Thus, the British, with the approving nod of equally rapacious others fired from the selfsame kiln, saw nothing amiss in their facilitating the mass influx of Jews into 'Arab land'(Palestine). I close the word 'Arab' with quotes to emphasise the point that a 'possession' turns the natives of that land into little more than 'tenants' occupying what in effect becomes the land of the Colonial Power occupying it.

The ethnic saturation of 'Arab Land' picked up even greater momentum when yet another European nation (Germany) begin to carry out yet another pogrom against the Jewish nation in the course of a European-instigated 'World War II'. We can view the said ethnic saturation of Palestine with Jews as a non-militaristic colonisation of Arab land under the 'benevolent' auspices of a militaristic colonial power. In other words, the guns of the British provided the requisite and protective cover whilst the Jewish nation was allowed to colonise the land of the Arabs. This finally culminated with the inauguration of the state of Israel, by the renamed and equally egalitarian-sounding, 'United Nations', in May 14th, 1948 with the approval of the US and the USSR.

It would not be unreasonable to assume that the state of Israel would not have been inaugurated if the Jewish population remained at 5%, which was the case in 1880. The Colonialists' occupation of the land saw them claiming, or should we say, presuming, the right to do as they pleased with these 'possessions' and this, along with their policies, facilitated the exodus of Jews from all parts of the world into Palestine.

Thus, amongst others, did the English with N. Ireland, the Chinese with Tibet, and the Muslims with Pakistan. Ethnic/Cultural saturation seems to be the key element in the effort to legitimise any state that comes into being under the auspices of an invader. There is nothing new about this perspective. However, one ought to note that it is nothing short of hypocrisy to call for China to release Tibet from its talons and N. Ireland to be freed from English Rule if they simultaneously support the continued existence of the State of Israel. This would be akin to global support being forwarded for the handing back of the land now known as Israel to the Palestinians if the latter were to successfully invade and occupy it, with the aid of the Islamic/Arab nation via its militant wings (mka 'terrorist groups'), and then proceeding to ethnically saturate the region prior to utilising the said saturation as a reason to form a Palestinian State. After all, the means via which Israel's existence was validated must surely be accessible to others should it not?

The issue here is not whether Israel should be dismantled, but whether the aforementioned method of State-Validation via the twin methods of Ethnic Saturation and the assumption of The Right of Acquisition and Disposal by Colonialists (which refers to the right of the existing colonisers of the land to do as they see fit) should be countenanced. If we choose to ignore this problem, then we have in effect granted carte blanche to any powerful state to form new ones at their whim and fancy. This, additionally, validates 'Power' and 'Violence', as opposed to Reason, as the arbiter of 'right'. In which case, those the west/ernised term 'terrorists' are 'terrorists' by virtue of their not having pushed through their agenda successfully. If so, then we should not hesitate to proffer our support to the totalitarian Imperium of China, the English Government, and others of their ilk in the present and in the future in their efforts to claim, via The Colonial Right of Acquisition and Disposal, the lands of others via the aforementioned method.

The Arab League’s declaration of war on the state of Israel after its inauguration was, in essence, not a movement against the Jews but a war against The Colonial Right.

The saga continues.

It is my wish that the Arabs and Israelis recognise the above and how they have been cast against each other via the imposition of The Colonial Right. The Israelis and Arabs, in recognition of this historical fact, must come to a mutually agreed resolution that will enable these 'Persons of The Book’ to live side by side in harmony and independent of the Imperious agenda of the Colonialists. The Israeli state should be absorbed into the Arab one and vice versa. They must realise that their mutual animosity, setting aside historical and logically irrelevant reasons, of recent decades was a result of the misconceptions and ensuing arrogance of the Colonialists and that they both are its victims. Reclaim and realise the Transnationalism that lies at the core of your faiths by the unification of your peoples.


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