To all you Xenophobic Singaporeans

Here’s one of the many xenophobic articles that may be found amongst the fascist and racist oppositional elements populating the opposition and singaporean bloggers. Even if there are some who claim to not be fascist or racist, the fact that they take no issue with it casts more than a tad bit of doubt on said claim.

Foreign Talents Committing Heinous Crimes all over Singapore

There are of course numerous petty crimes gone unreported. The once peaceful and safe haven called Singapore is going, going and gone. Less people will be walking on the streets alone from now on.

A Malaysian man from Sarawak was charged Tuesday with the murder of a construction worker in Singapore while two others were accused of gang robbery.

No plea was taken from Michael Garing, 22, a general worker who allegedly committed the murder of Indian national Shanmuganathan Dillidurai, 41, with three others at an open field along Kallang Road on Sunday.

In the same court, Sylvester Barogok, 26, and Shahman Milak, 21, both also from Sarawak, were charged with committing gang robbery of a mobile phone, cash of $32, a work permit card and an ez-link card from Raja Kana Kazi under an overhead bridge Friday evening.

The duo were allegedly with Micheal, Hairee Landak, 19, Tony Imba, 31, and Donny Meluda, 19, one or more of whom were armed with a parang.

All three were remanded at Singapore's central police division lock-up for further investigation.

If convicted of murder, Micheal faces the death penalty. The maximum punishment for gang robbery is a jail term of five to 20 years and not less than 12 strokes of the cane. source

My comment, following the xenophobic approach of the article above went,

Look at the stats, and you will find that your 'foreign talent' forefathers were guilty of far more. Stop vilifying foreigners for doing that which was a career for many of your forefathers - though not all. But I suppose its natural for a people who take racism as natural to move on to xenophobia. Pathetic mate. Real pathetic.

---end comment

The fact that singaporeans are gross racists is beyond debate. They, as i’ve stated time and again, either do not take issue with that which compromises the interests of the non-Chinese and other minorities; only do so when it comes to its most obvious instances; as opposed to its subtle and more insidious manifestations, or do not notice it at all.

Hence, I do not find it surprising that such a perspectively decrepit people would naturally move on to xenophobia in the face of foreign competition or upon encountering difference of a ‘foreign’ origin - as they had already been well-practiced in doing so in the local arena prior to that. Well, given the traditionalist/conformist/uniformist/subservient ethos of the legalist-confucian climate, bigotry and shallow-mindedness is to be expected. And given that the non-Chinese have also been reared within such a state of affairs, and have, in varying degrees of success, learnt to live on whatever’s left for those at the end of the queue, have also taken on the xenophobic views that come naturally to those who fall victim to the national enforcement of the legalist-confucian perspective. The Chinese were first assimilated to such a perspective via an appeal to 'cultural pride', and the rest, over decades, having no other recourse given the dilution of their cultures and fragmentation of their communities, amongst others, fell victim to the only perspective that was promoted top-down, and later, through its first vitims, the Chinese. I've personally told off an increasing number of Indians, in recent years for their xenophobic attitudes. Something that was experienced amongst the Chinese first(because of the legalist-confucian culture, and not because of race), is now to be experienced amongst all - and even amongst the so-called 'Indians' in the opposition.

Thus, it is not surprising that these people tend to scornfully view all workers of recent foreign origin as ‘FTs’ or ‘Foreign Talents’. The subject of the above article is obviously not an ‘FT’ but an ‘FW’, or ‘Foreign Worker’. Whilst an ‘FT’ might be an ‘FW’, an ‘FW’ is not always an ‘FT’ mate. But I suppose the xenophobic condition, trained beforehand by viewing reality in an us vs. them dichotomy based on the most salient or observable features, i.e. race, will miss this point. Let me explain. A ‘foreign talent’ makes up for the absence of such talent in the nation, whilst a ‘foreign worker’ is one who is exploited locally at a far cheaper rate than local workers.

I’ve often empathised with foreign workers for the past 2 decades as i’ve been aware that they were being grossly exploited. In a sense, they mirror the experience of ‘indentured labour’ in the early years of singapore history when Chinese workers, amongst others, were brought in to provide labour, had to pay up the exorbitant prices charged to bring them over, and had to spend what little money they had left on shops owned by their ‘benefactors’. How different is it now? Are not these workers suffering the same condition as your forefathers? But it is to be expected that given the compromise of empathy by the prior racist state of affairs taken as natural and discounted offhand with an ‘everywhere also like that so stop complaining’, it is not surprising that they do not have the empathy it takes to appreciate this point.

The nation is diseased at all levels. Racism, xenophobia, self-absorption, opportunism, et cetera, seems to be the order of the day. But, I suppose, that which the legalist-confucian climate produces, also serves the means via which one get round top-down pressures via a compensatory horizontal alienation and opportunism.



  1. being a singaporean i hate to say this but i got to thoroughly agree with you.

    many times I feel disgruntled by surrounding peers whose only interests in life are their self-centred lifestyles. Any time these lifestyles show any signs of being threatened, all they're only good at is to bring up the blame game.

    Self-evaluation is probably the last thing that ever crossed the minds of these selfish individuals whose only pursuit in life is in hedonism.

  2. .
    I suppose one can be happy in singapore if one is underdeveloped enough to take self-centredness as the norm, and exhibit enough of it to 'get along' with everyone. Put two self-centred persons together, and they will always find common ground to carry on a relationship. But if you're the empathetic sort, than you are going to feel 'LPPL'(frustrated) in the face of an one-sided intercourse.

    I'm a singaporean too, but whilst some idiots might think i'm anti-singaporean or anti-chinese, i'm actually pro-singaporean provided it is pro-integration as opposed to pro-assimilation-to-the-majority - that is why i consider the contemporary chinese not to be 'singaporean', but native-born PRCs. If the majority do not appreciate this, be it racially-defined or otherwise, then i'm 'anti' them as well.

    You're right, 'self-evaluation' is not in the nurtured nature of the legalist-induced confucian mind - unless it is work or 'practical' related. It's no wonder that they can naturally evolve into bigots.

    You could say that singapore has 2 governments - one the elected one, and the other the sinicised population that keeps all difference in check through marginalisation. It is only now that the 2nd government is at loggerheads with the first as they are facing the same situation as the non-chinese have for quite a long while.


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