It's an Electronic Vapour Inhalator, not, an Electronic Cigarette

[the following was published as part of a previous article but it has been republished as a 'standalone' as this is an issue of significance and worthy of consideration in itself.]

I've finally settled on the term, EVI, or Electronic Vapour Inhalator, as the term for the 'electronic cigarette' as that would not immediately enable it to be classed or perceived as, necessarily, either a tobacco or drug product for the simple reason that it isn't necessarily either.

The EVI can be used as either a drug (nicotine) inhalator or a vapour inhalator without drug content. The product must be kept ‘value-free’ in this respect to fend off those who desire to either maintain their tobacco tax levels by banning it, or those who seek to profit much from it by classing it as either a tobacco or drug product.

This frees the instrument (the EVI) itself from such classification. Hence, it would only be those liquids that do contain nicotine that could, arguably, be taxed as a 'drug' product, as do nicotine patches and nicotine inhalators.



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