What my British (student) compatriots ought to do

It’s simple really.

The best way to protect the means to an institution is boycott it. Let’s not forget that the elite rely on the continued functioning of an institution for its own higher-archically advantaged position. To grind it to a halt is to deprive said elite of the means of sustenance.

The problem with demos, in the UK, or other more ‘democratically enlightened’ states in the west, is that they are held at convenient times - for both the elite, and the people themselves. So people take off on weekends from their sunday dinners or saturday parties and leave the pockets and interests of the elite largely unaffected.

...the ineffectualness of the means by which we seek to solve a problem becomes the means by which we learn to put up with it
It can even serve as a cathartic relief for the masses in the face of a problematic situation, whilst the mechanism for compensation for an evil situation begins its work enabling people to find ways and means to get around it. It is quite the dialectical dance between a problematic situation, making available the ‘means of compensation’, which in turn delivers a reduced personality amongst the masses to put up with that which they might otherwise not. So long as a demo is conveniently engaged in, the said demo itself becomes a means by which people cope with an evil situation as opposed to getting rid of it. Quite the paradox isn’t it. Let’s put it this way - the ineffectualness of the means by which we seek to solve a problem becomes the means by which we learn to put up with it.

When Gandhi called for a national day of prayer and fasting, and ground all public transport, communications, etc, to a halt. What he was actually doing, whether he realised it or not, was depriving, not the British colonialists, but the people to ‘get on with life’ in the face of an evil situation. The sooner we stop ‘moving on’, ‘getting on with life despite hardships’, and thus, ‘compensating for an evil situation’, the sooner we will seek to eradicate an evil as opposed to redefining our humanity so that we can ‘get along’ with it. So this ‘homespun’-clad bloke got the people to go hungry on that day getting them to fast. But if they were allowed to keep their stomachs full, the colonialists would still be running India today - which, personally, i would prefer, given reasons discussed in an earlier article.

So the same thing applies here. Keep the students ‘hungry’, so that the elite might feel the pangs of gastritis when it has inevitable knock-on effects on their interests. How? Just stay away from the universities (foreign students should be exempted from this action). Not just for a convenient weekend or weekday, but till the cuts are withdrawn. Everything will be thrown out of sync with the interests of the elite. How on earth are exams to be conducted? When are people going to graduate and serve as fodder and fuel in the relatively upper echelons of the capitalist machinery? You can be sure that the liberal-cons are going to experience continued incontinence.



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