Is the CIA using Wikileaks?

In conversation with an Indian bloke at the neighbourhood coffeeshop, by the name of Selvam , he updated me on Wiki Leaks on what singaporean Lee Kuan Yew (who has the credit of being the only ‘minister mentor’ - to chinese PMs in singapore - in the world), and Tommy Koh (ex-singaporean ambassador to the UN, or something like that or other) said about Indians, Malaysia, et cetera, et cetera.

Anyway, according to him, these leaks might have originated from the CIA themselves. Interesting. And certainly plausible, i thought. After all, world domination is what the NWO is after isn’t it. (New World Order - take a look at the latin inscription on the U.S. dollar bill, the Bilderburg group, the Rothschilds, the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones 322, Freemasons, etc, etc.) And as people are generally ‘educated’ into being quite adept at nothing other than being economic and reproductive drones, they certainly wouldn’t generally possess the perspectival intelligence to figure out how the world is actually run.

Well, according to him, these leaks were purposed to create animosity in the region. Possible. After all, too much stability in any region can lead to a concerted threat to a greater political entity. Imperialists thrive on mutual and common distrust, alienation, and fear, as that induces self-absorption and a narrowing of learning. make the rest of the world discount leaks on the U.S., the U.S. has to ensure that others face similar leaks themselves.
But upon further thought on Selvam’s astute suggestion that it was a CIA-initiated leak, I stated that another reason why they might have leaked this information, if they did, was to discredit Wikileaks as a whole. Why kill a bird with one stone when you can take down an entire aviary? The powers-that-be don’t become ‘the powers-that-be‘ by wasting resources. They didn’t get where they are by getting what they aim for, but getting more than they aimed for. They ensure that their planning produces, at most times, products and by-products that they can live off.

Initially, the U.S. had to face quite a bit of embarrassment over released leaks. That puts global scrutiny on the so-called ‘greatest nation on earth’. The best thing to do at times like these is to discredit the source by ensuring that U.S. misery is afforded company. To discount leaks on oneself, one has to discount leaks on another. So to make the rest of the world discount leaks on the U.S., the U.S. has to ensure that others face similar leaks themselves. Throw in a sexually-belligerent head of wikileaks being hauled up on charges of non-consensual consensual sex, and we have a nice little recipe to encourage everyone to go their merry way ignoring informational incontinence from any non-governmental source.

ed ain’t falling for that.




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