ed's response to new foreigner's 'We foreigners are not parasites of Singapore'

The following is ed's response to a Swiss, by the name of Ralph, working in singapore who calls for more openness to foreigners by the foreigners ('native-born' Chinese, Indians) living in singapore. His call was posted on the neo-Nazi scum site, Temasek Review. Quite a few of the comments that followed was really appalling. It says much about a state when a site like TR can be as popular as it is, and it says much about the so-called 'opposition' when they do not take much issue with it.

Ralph's article is posted below (TR's permission has not been sought as a2ed.com does not deem a neo-Nazi scum site to be deserving of any respect other than that which might be accorded a spittoon.)

A TRE reader, Ralph, first posted his view on the thread, ‘No more foreigner bashing please‘. His posting has also been highlighted on TRE separately – ‘“Angmo”: Foreigners are beneficial for Singapore‘. However, after reading the postings of other TRE readers on the thread, ‘No more foreigner bashing please‘, Ralph felt upset enough to make another posting which we thought would be of interest to TRE readers here to read. Following is his follow-up posting on the thread…)

Do you know your roots? Do you know the history of Singapore? Do you know why Singapore is what it is?

Once upon a time, Singapore was an island with nothing else than wild jungle. Without the work of foreigners, Singapore would be probably just an other part of a 3rd world country….

* British investors pushed money towards the colony to develop the island
* British leaders set the foundation for a proper running political system
* A clever management mad it possible for Singapore to grow
* The colony got workers from India, and China to build an outstanding infra structure
* Thanks investment, the colony was able to build an army to defend the island
* Education became a right for people here. Look at the neighbor countries of Singapore what they have.

So, basically, all Singaporeans don’t have deep roots in Singapore. Without the working together of all foreigners, you would probably not be where you are now. As a seed of “immigrants”, you have have now privileges other people in Asia don’t have and never will. Never forget your roots. They probably start in a poor and underdeveloped province in China.

What makes Singapore so unique? It is made from foreigners for foreigners. But there are still so many people here which are thinking in a very narrow way (in this forum for example). “Only a handful of foreigners” is just not enough to do all the dirty and underpaid work which has to be done and would not be done by Singaporeans. So many maids (slaves) are working for Singaporeans.

The whole discussion here looks like people don’t want the foreigners, but are basically happy to have them and could not live without them. You need to understand that you can’t just pick out the raisins out of the cake.

Yes, my grad grand father, grand father and father did not turn a single stone in Singapore. I have my roots in Switzerland. But I live here and do my best to be a good “Citizen” (even only PR). I did regular based horse riding with disabled children (Singaporean). For free together with Singaporean and other expats. Many of you probably don’t know how many disabled person live in Singapore. I gave media design students free design lessons and was building a completely new web platform for a Singaporean humanity organization. Also in my leisure time and for free.

WE FOREIGNERS ARE NOT PARASITES of Singapore. We are thankful for the opportunities we have here and we give back – in many ways.

I was very upset when I red all the posts above [Link] and I showed it to one of my Singaporean friend. He said: “So kiasu! It’s a shame what they write here”.

My daughter grows up here in Singapore. We visit her friends in HDB on weekends. Here friends in ballet are Singaporean too. I really hope that she will never gets the feeling she is not welcome in this country. And I hope for all of you, that you never will become victim of xenophobia too.

God bless you, god bless Singapore.



Yes. Singapore was made by foreigners. Thanks to the Brits, and the openness of the native Malays who never kicked up a fuss till the chinese population hit above 50% - and we can understand that to some degree given that the chinese were/are pretty much a self-segregated community who dislike difference and practice discrimination via a seemingly innocuous, 'we prefer our own' - a consequence of china's regimented herd-like Orwellian Legalist-Confucian 'culture', i.e. 'don't talk so much, just do', 'don't ask so many questions, just follow', 'don't complain so much, just eat', .

But i wouldn't say that singapore was nothing but a 'wild jungle' before the influx of foreigners such as the Indians or Chinese. That is a colonialist view. The indigenous Malays were living here, thriving, peaceful, and contented. They were not living in squalid conditions, or starving, or homeless. There was no need for skyscrapers, a huge reserve, casinos, 'sopping' or having 'eating' as a national pastime, etc. That came in with globalisation, capitalism, nationalism, and competition, and Legalist-Confucian-led 'progress'. A '3rd world' state is not one with a 'wild jungle', but one that has to exist, be grossly exploited, and try to make it in the exploitative and 'wilder jungle' of a globalised capitalist state of affairs.

it's pretty rich for the local chinese to be complaining about foreigners when they integrate/d less than the Malays and Indians, and are of foreign-extract themselves.
Singapore achieved much initially, and then the credit was taken from the people of all races and given to the chinese by the fascist chinese supremacist government. It's akin to saying that the chinese win the 100 metre dash all the time whilst keeping quiet about the non-chinese not allowed to take part in the first place.

The standard of socio-cultural-economic development was brought down with the institution of monocultural Legalist-Confucian philosophy and the production of SAP school Confucianised automatons. Thereafter, it was ensured that if anything was achieved, it was achieved by the chinese because no other was allowed to be the majority, or have a say in the socio-cultural-economic development of the country, or were not given jobs and promotions because they 'ask too many questions', or 'they cannot control one', or 'we prefer chinese/mandarin-speakers/etc. Fusion and difference was renounced and the definition of progress regressed to keep up with chinese progress. In that, the local chinese began to be the true foreigners in an otherwise multicultural state as they were led by the government to focus on themselves, like their China chinese compatriots had been accustomed to for over 2000 years. Given this, it is not surprising that the locals have become xenophobic, racist, or self-absorbed over time.

So it's pretty rich for the local chinese to be complaining about foreigners when they integrate/d less than the Malays and Indians, and are of foreign-extract themselves. Just ignore all the cretinous twits spewing their xenophobic nonsense. You can see that they do so with no systematic logic or reasoning other than that which can be expected from one with an IQ of a lobotomised primate. As for Indians whom are inclined toward xenophobia, I've kicked a few of them via argument myself. Thankfully, most are open to reason and change their viewpoint thereafter.

You can be sure that these xenophobes won't have the brass to say that to your face, or mine. Cowardly twats. That's all these xenophobic runts are. I'm pretty much with you Ralph. Keep it up. But instead of just integrating with legalism-confucianism-induced idiocy and apathy, try to bring in the relatively greater vibrancy of your culture. They were taught by the government to ignore the Malays and Indians, perhaps they might be forced to take it from foreigners, provided the majority aren't from China, and you outnumber the locals, or form enough of a significant majority, to demand that they give you the attention and appreciation they, excluding the English-speaking Chinese of the 70s, gave no other non-chinese 'native-borns'. Just ignore them and bring in your own culture for local education. I'm all ears. The more perspectives, the better. I wouldn't want the entire singaporean experience to be another rendition of channel 8 (or just an Indian or Malay channel either).

And as for the new foreigners not being 'parasites',

...there is no need to say that.  So long as you're paying taxes (through GST, ERP, COE, etc), or contributing in a positive aesthetic, cultural, intellectual way to the country, the allegation that foreigners are 'parasites' is illogical. In fact, it is far more logically supportable to allege that the locals are parasites as many are profiting from cheaper foreign labour, and increasing their profit margins from the labour, skills and intelligence of foreigners whom have acquired their abilities at the expense of a foreign clime, and not enjoyed local subsidies for their development. Just in case the local 'native-born' idiots didn't get, it means that another state contributed to their development, and then they come to singapore and make singaporeans more money. So if anyone has more of a logical basis to call anyone parasites in singapore, it is the new foreigners whom have it. I'd like to see how any of these xenophobic cretins are going to argue against that.



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