Who are these idiots who buy diamond rings for their women?

 I remember a cousin of mine being troubled about his fiancee comparing the size of the diamond ring he was considering for her with her friend’s bigger diamond ring.

ed: dei (an Indian version of ‘hey’ or ‘oi’) let me ask you something. Is she buying you a diamond ring for the wedding?

cousin: Of course not what. We guys are supposed to buy it for them right.

ed: Yeah, if you’re the bread winner and she just fell off a buffalo in some village and onto your lap, and you need to prove to her and her family that you can take care of her. But she’s earning more that you isn’t she. You are more on the blue collar side, and she’s on the white collar side. So there’s no reason for you to prove that you can ‘take care of her’ by buying her a diamond ring. I mean, in the past, men might have done such nonsense to prove to the woman and her family that he is capable of taking care of her, or showing her and her family that he is a big shot. But with the equality between men and women these days, what the hell are you proving by getting her a diamond ring?

If she is a poor chick from a deprived background, and you want to give her something nice, i can understand it. But that’s not the case in your situation is it. And anyway, even if she is some deprived chick, I still wouldn’t get her a diamond ring because she must be taught the value of money and how it ought to be invested on something more productive rather than something shiny.

it is nothing but a tribute to the superiority of the woman just because she has a pussy between her legs instead of a dick, and that you are so desperate for company and sex that you are willing to pay big bucks for it.
Let me tell you this dei, if there is equality between men and women now; men are not the sole breadwinners anymore because the woman can go out and get a job like you; and you don’t need to prove that you can take care of her as she is not expected by you and society to just stick to being useful in the kitchen and in the bed; and men still buy the woman a diamond ring for the wedding, then it is nothing but a tribute to the superiority of the woman just because she has a pussy between her legs instead of a dick, and that you are so desperate for company and sex - like my friends S... - that you are willing to pay big bucks for it. Make the wrong move such as this from the start, and you’re validating her own superior significance over you simply because she is a women. And from then on, she will expect to be treated with deference, and you can wear a cap on your head wherever you go.

And if you really think about it, if you can spend so much money on something as irrational as a diamond ring for her, then she will know that if you can put your reason aside for her, she can ignore your reason for anything in your relationship. It will always be, 'if you are stupid enough to do that, then don't try to act smart...ever!'. And even if she doesn't think that, it will be a symbol which she will carry proudly to show people that she has a guy who is under her thumb enough to buy her that. It is a status symbol to illustrate female domination of men in this 'equal opportunities for men and women' age. Just as men dominated women in the past, they dominate you now. That's 'equal opportunities' for you. If she isn't willing to marry you without a diamond ring, then tell her to go whore herself to one who is a punter.

cousin: why a cap?

ed: to hide all those peck-marks. And let me ask you, do you support the giving of dowries for marriage?

cousin: no. of course not.

ed: Then what do you think a diamond ring is? Previously you pay the family a dowry. Now, you’re paying the girl directly. How is it any different. In both cases, and more so in the second case, it is a mere purchase. Whores cost much less - which is why i look more kindly on whores than i do most wives. In fact, when people gave cows and goats as a dowry in the past, it makes some economic sense as they can live off it, and get to multiply it as well. What the hell you going to do with a diamond ring?

cousin: so you’re saying I shouldn’t buy her a diamond ring? Then she wouldn’t be happy.

ed: if she can’t see reason before marriage, she isn’t going to be seeing much of it unless it is to her interests after marriage. Then, she is not worthy marrying. You desperate for a convenient f*ck, go get a whore. You are going to find after marriage that though she might be a convenient shag because she’s there, she’s going to lose her novelty, and have a headache and inconvenient times.

cousin: I never saw it that way.

ed: it’s alright dei. Most men don’t. And women are trained to rely on that.  There's a fine line between 'being romantic' and submission.  Learn to tell the difference.



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