A bronzed capitalist pig is erected in London, and a bit about Communism

Unbelievable. Just when the working class in Britain is undergoing an onslaught by the toffs running the country, a capitalist pig gets bronzed in London. To me, Ronald Reagan was an idiot. But then again, that’s to be expected when it comes to American presidents. As the saying goes, a people are known by the government, or president, its hoists above its head.

That said, I would exclude John F. Kennedy from the list. He was pretty good. He tried to put a stop to american aggression in Vietnam, he helped the blacks out of the ghetto of white racism, he spoke against secret conspiratorial elitist organisations, (perhaps referring to groups like the freemasons, the ‘Skull and Bones 322’ Yale university organisation, the Rothschilds, the Bilderberg Group, the MJ-12 formed to cover up UFO encounters) etc, etc, but got murdered by the american government for his efforts.

But the writer of the article, a Michael Goldfarb, author of, Emancipation: How Liberating Europe's Jews from the Ghetto Led to Revolution and Renaissance, is a capitalist and Jew-loving git. He says in his article of Reagan-worship,

“The Soviet Union is thankfully dead, but people still make the trek to Highgate Cemetery, slightly north of the usual tourist path, to look at Marx's enormous glowering head. It is a weird artefact of a different time in history.” - bbc

He doesn’t justify that statement and thinks the word 'weird' is enough of an argument for the insensibility of a phenomenon - like americans do. (no, i don’t hate the jews, but i’m not too crazy them because of their neo-Nazi behaviour in the middle east. Looks like the main thing they learnt from centuries of being persecuted is how to do unto others as was done unto them. However, if there were enough Jews standing up against Jewish imperialism, I would switch from disliking the ‘Jews’ to disliking the ‘Israelis’.)

Getting back to the issue at hand. What do i remember about Reagan? Well, the thing that stands out in my mind was his terming the Soviet Union ‘an evil empire’. To be honest, back then, I believed it. Even in church we were supposed to pray for ‘the conversion of Russia’, which, to a young mind like mine back then, painted the USSR in a very negative light. It was something ‘evil’, ‘sinful’, and thus required prayer and activism for absolution. It was also around that time that the ‘Marxist Conspiracy‘ was ‘uncovered‘ by the government in Singapore and the conspirators were alleged to have intended a ‘bloody’ revolution in Singapore. So communism was ‘bloodthirsty’, ‘inhuman’, and ‘power-crazed‘ as well.

Reagan presented America, as opposed to the 'evil' of the USSR, as the socio-political-cultural ‘Christ’ of the ‘modern’ era....and America as the Pontifex Maximus of a new 'Holy Roman Empire'
It was only some years later, upon hunting down the Communist Manifesto (and other books later at uni in England) to see if my bias against them was justified, that I realised that the only problem with the USSR was not its ideology, but its perversion of it. Specifically, Stalin’s perversion of the communist ideal and the subsequent transformation of the USSR into an ‘authoritarian state capitalist’ empire. I realised that there was nothing wrong with Communism. After all, we all practice communism, albeit in a contracted sense. We practice it within the family unit by sharing and caring for each other. We practiced it within religious communities via charity, sacrifice, mutual help and support. The only thing that communism is about is freeing the contracting of the communism spirit from within the confines of the family, religious groups, etc, and applying to society as a whole. Society as the family. As simple as that. It translates the universalism of Islam, the 13th Commandment of Jesus (love your neighbour as you love yourself), the humanity of Guru Nanak, the anti-materialism of the Buddha, amongst others, into a socially applicable perspective via the political and economic.

So this was what Reagan was calling ‘evil’. He was basically trying to cast communism in an evil light by associating it with the murderous, megalomaniacal, and oppressive policies of Stalin, the gulags, the KGB, etc, etc. Cheap trick that. But it worked for many, including myself, who didn’t know better as we were being educated by both church and state to be good little wage slaves as opposed to intelligent human beings, and to confuse the former for the latter. And by implication, he was presenting the u.s. of America as the opposite to ‘evil’. Reagan presented America, as opposed to the 'evil' of the USSR, as the socio-political-cultural ‘Christ’ of the ‘modern’ era. And by association, capitalism, exploitation, and everything American and initiated by America was good. Reagan, in calling the USSR 'evil' effectively presented America as the Pontifex Maximus of a new 'Holy Roman Empire' - that, by the way, is already illustrated on the u.s. dollar bill with the pyramid and the latin, 'New World Order'.

Perhaps Reagan can be excused. He was, after all, only an actor. It’s not like he was some great philosopher or academic - though americans tend to confuse celebrities for ‘philosophers’ and ‘academics’ simply because they prominent in popular culture. Silly people.

Personally, i think the vicinity wherein Reagan has been erected would be a good place to take one’s dog for a walk.
So what is the British elite doing putting up a bronzed Reagan on the 4th of July. Celebrating the eviction of the British from the u.s. of A? Or paying tribute to the America as an overlord and the incorporation of the UK as a perspectival, political, economic, and cultural satellite and minion of the so-called ‘greatest nation on earth’? And even at a time when the people are facing severe cuts, and immediately after a general strike. Spending a million pounds on this nonsense at a time like this? I suppose they are saying that whatever the strife that the nation are facing, one ought to always make time for religion, and keep the faith, in America and capitalism alive.

Personally, i think the vicinity wherein Reagan has been erected would be a good place to take one’s dog for a walk.



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