CorpCon: ‘Pause Live TV’? What a load of ....

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What’s with this ‘pause Live TV’ nonsense? 

Well, i suppose it sounds like you’re getting more with being able to ‘pause Live TV’ than people did with past technology.  I suppose it feeds your generic desire to be in more control than is allowed wage-slaves.  It makes you feel like a God, being able to ‘pause’ LIVE TV!  Wow.

In the past, we didn’t have such advantages.  We couldn’t get all subscribers in the nation to have their viewing experienced paused by a single person who decides to pause Live TV because he’s got a sudden urge to relieve himself.  All we could do back then when dinosaurs roamed the earth was to hit the ‘record’ button on our video cassette recorders. 

Well, other than the difference in storage media, there isn’t any difference between then and now.  You can’t ‘pause Live TV’.  Whoever says that is either a moron, or thinks you are.  All that happens is that the moment you hit the ‘pause live tv’ button, you are actually recording it.  In other words, the record and pause button share the same function - except that after you finish watching the ‘paused live tv’ show, it gets automatically deleted by the box.  Two products for the price of one sounds better doesn't it.  Hence, they call the 'record' function 'pause' as well.  So now, you can not only record programmes, you can pause them as well.  In other words, you can record programmes when it begins, or you can record it if you get interrupted. Without using the 'pause live tv' phrase, they wouldn't be able to sell this off as an extra feature.

I can just picture a bloke pausing a Live lottery show update just after the winning numbers have been announced, he then runs down to the local betting shop to buy the winning number, and then rushes back home, un-pauses the 'Live TV', and have his name announced as one of the winners.

You might think you, as a conscious person, control your destiny. But it is they who influence the logical balance within your subconscious whom are the true determiners of your conscious existence. But why this BS by media broadcast corporations?  Well, if they didn’t come up with this ‘extra’ feature, they wouldn’t really be able to sell their product for more than its worth, that is, in terms of content and transmission quality and nothing besides.  They’d like to maintain the illusion of progress and your getting more for your money by repackaging, or renaming, features that have been around since more fashionable times when people wore jeans up to their chests.  I suppose it sounds more impressive to say or think, ‘hey! I just subscribed to xyz cable company and i can now Pause Live TV!’, instead of ‘hey! I just subscribed to xyz cable company and i can now record tv programmes like everyone could since VCRs were available!’ 

I suppose governments and corporations throughout the globe know that people will always have a desire for change, progress, and revolution.  And the best way to satisfy these desires without their suffering the consequences of such tendencies is to channel them down paths that lead to either nowhere, or back to where you started - even if it is with the simple depression of the ‘pause’ button.  When you put these gimmicks together with the others that inundate our experience of reality, the wiser amongst us will realise that this is tantamount to having our objective sense of things compromised  and eroded to the point that we aren’t able to evaluate things beyond our own self-interest objectively enough to tell the elite of the world to bugger off when we ought to.  You might think you, as a conscious person, control your destiny.  But it is they who influence the logical balance within your subconscious whom are the true determiners of your conscious existence.



  1. if you can pause live tv, than its not live. if i pause for ten seconds...and you for a minute and than would have missed 50 seconds...if you are able to pick up where you left off than its not live...its basically sitting in a server

  2. Haha. I see you still got it man. It's really too bad that one with your superior-than-most-singaporeans analytical and logical abilities couldn't do far more because of the 'uniquely singaporean' climate. At the end of the day, we tend to think we do what we do because we want to do it and not because we have not been allowed to do more. Well, i suppose that helps us to put up with the 'singapore' of today. If there were more people like you and me in the world, the corporations wouldn't dare try the 'pause live tv' stunt to get us to subscribe ;).

  3. There the capitalistic parasites have it again! Always fond of enticing consumers using the catch phrase so as to maximise their profits as well as profit margins. Also a double-win situation as well for the elites since it's to create an illusion of having almost everything under one's control when in fact one is actually controlled by the elite few so as to "rob" more money in the daylight as well as to prevent one from thinking about more meaningful things to bring about positive change by challenging the status quo. The elites would always seek to discount those who challenge the capitalistic scheme of things instead of the former considering the latter views and seeking to engage in discussions. The plausible reason why the former do so is that deep down in their heart they know that this system has its fundamental flaws, but they refuse to change it due to their lack of empathy towards others, or self-aggrandisement, among a host of others. The capitalistc parasites ought to be aware that they are part of the situation which has been passed down from many generations ago. They aren't as infallible as they would like themselves to believe in.


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