Steve Jobs is dead. Long live the next bourgeois prick.

Well, Steve Jobs is dead.  I was quite taken aback actually.  Just a short while ago he was up and about the stage promoting the gimmicky ‘Lion’ Operating System for the mac.  Well, too bad.  I’d offer my condolences, but given the millions or more he might have left behind for his overprivileged wife and kids, and which could have been put to better use saving the thousands of children whom are dying everyday from malnourishment and contaminated water globally, i’ll save the condolences for the latter.

Obama calls this git a ‘visionary’. 

I don’t know why.  It’s not like I haven’t encountered lots of people on the net over the decade whom have had really great ideas as well.  But unlike Jobs, they didn’t have the funds to employ lots of people to construct something better than the Mac.  And they wouldn’t be able to afford to hire people for their ideas and take them as their own because it is perhaps the unwritten part of the contract that all the workers’ money producing ideas, aka, Intellectual Property, will be owned by the company, and not them.  So even if they get laid off, quit, drop dead, their ideas will still be owned by Apple, the credit for it taken by that plonker Jobs, and Apple will be able to have more money than the u.s. government.

If you really think about it,'ll realise that with this constant appropriation of ideas from workers by 'brand names' and 'visionary' CEOs, it simultaneously devalues the individual workers who come up with these ideas in the eyes of the masses who will learn to look toward brand names, celebrities, etc, for enlightenment and satisfaction.  It is no wonder, if you think about it even further, that people sport brand names on their persons.  It is a subconscious illustration of their devaluation of each other and mass inferiority complex, and due to this devaluation, the ensuing desire to sport 'brand names' for self-significance.

Is society so devoid of humanity and vision that people like Jobs is mistaken for a ‘visionary’? Obama ought to add more fibre to his diet.If Steve Jobs played a significant and visionary role, it would mainly be in terms of how the masses may be underdeveloped enough to slowly use more of their senses, rather than their sensibilities, in determining quality; and how money can be made with upgrade after upgrade featuring features which could have been put out the first or second time around; and how to exclude enough features so as to make more money from compensatory means (adapters for memory cards for absent memory card slots; higher prices for devices with more storage after excluding memory card slots; iCloud to help people who don’t have enough storage because memory card slots are absent; etc, etc, etc.)

Is society so devoid of humanity and vision that people like Jobs is mistaken for a ‘visionary’?  Obama ought to add more fibre to his diet.

So as i’m typing this out on my 27inch mac, i cannot wonder after how many people’s ideas were taken to construct it, and how much Jobs profitted from it enough to be called a ‘visionary’ after he buggered off.  So all i’ve got to say is,

Steve Jobs is dead.  Long live the next bourgeois prick.



  1. Amen, amen, and amen.

    Steve Jobs worked hard to set up Apple, made tons of money, then made even more money selling shiny gadgets produced by low-wage Chinese laborers to middle-class Western consumers. And that's supposed to be visionary?

  2. Good one Nanotobo. Good one.

    Exploitation of labour, cost goes down, profits go up...and if that isn't enough, excluding features that would keep people sleeping on Apple doorsteps for the next upgrade to a product that didn't have the upgrades that were already available when the earlier models were made.

    And if that isn't enough, making other 'services', 'adapters', higher storage items, available so that more could be made from people getting around the purposefully created deficiencies of the 'shiny gadgets'.

    We don't need to mourn the passing of such a man as there will be another waiting in the wings to take over. In that, he doesn't die. He just gets 'upgraded' in the form of his successor. His vision is a part of the greater capitalist vision that if people can be reduced to mindless consumers, more could be gotten out of them. He succeeded. No wonder that 'angry birds' can be as popular as it is. It illustrates the idiocy of these 'modern' times.


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