The Meaning of Christmas, and A Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas, not, 'Happy Holidays', or 'Happy Break from Work and sleep till noon'.

A Merry, 'Love thy Neighbour as thyself' Day that serves as a resolution for the countdown to the next Christmas that might, hence, make that a day where we celebrate our being a living illustration of that Ideal.It's a celebration of an Ideal, as espoused in Christ's 13th Commandment, 'Love thy Neighbour as thyself'.  It's a celebration of the birthday of the one who was born out of, and for, Love, for humanity, with empathy, and with humility - which makes it just about one of the most significant of Socialist statements in human history.  It matters not whether you believe He is the 'Son of God', or 'just a Prophet', or 'just a bloke'.  It matters not if you believe that it was an Immaculate Conception, or if God exists, of if the birth of Christ was on the 25th of December or January the 6th.  What matters, as I stated, is the Ideal. 

That's what Christmas is all about, not just a celebration of the birth of this 'bloke', but an appreciation of the Ideal, and in our appreciation of it, so long as it is not drowned out by too much booze and partying, an internalisation of it that mightst turn the rest of the days of the year into mini Christmases. 

It is not a day of compensation, where we make up for our self-interested behaviour throughout the year by tossing a shop-wrapped present beneath the tree of another, and hence, purchasing another year's of the other tolerating our self-interested behaviour and vice versa.  It is a day of resolution, where, in our gift-giving, we resolve to make it the first of many presents for the rest of the year in our thoughts, words, and deeds to those we can hence truly view ourselves as friends love, humanity, empathy, and with humility, and as a stepping stone, to exhibiting it towards all humanity regardless of illusory borders of race, culture, nationality, gender, age, and et cetera.

So, with that thought in mind, I wish all a Merry Christmas.  A Merry, 'Love thy Neighbour as thyself' Day that serves as a resolution for the countdown to the next Christmas that might, hence, make that a day where we celebrate our being a living illustration of that Ideal.




  1. I wonder how many people actually sit down and ponder what is the true meaning of Christmas? Sadly to observe, many people I know especially the Chinese see it as a holiday from work, a time for boozing and partying, and mindlessly buying gifts because its something they are expected to do while most of my European friends see it as a time for family reunion and spending quiet and peaceful time with loved ones, sharing their experience and care.  

    I view Christmas as a time, besides the traditional gift-giving, to share what you have especially with the lesser fortunate people in terms of words and deeds. No gifts can beat the love, kindness and empathy you get from another human being. That’s why I am not so thrilled receiving expensive gifts from so-called friends who don’t bother asking about how life has been treating you but send you gifts on Christmas. However, it touches me more when a friend just offers me a cup of tea and we talk about how life has been for us. As we practise this spirit during Christmas and internalise it, it will be Christmas for the rest of the days of the year.

    Btw, thanks for sharing the great videos (Ray Conniff Christmas Show). It reminds me why Christmas is a day where one is happy just thinking of it.

    Merry Christmas!

  2.  Hi Vanes,

    Actually, it isn't just the Chinese.  I know quite a few Indians, whom are Catholics, whom are as the Chinese.  I suppose in a nation which has unfortunately turned into an exemplary illustration of 'dog eat dog', it is to be expected that the season of Christ-mas would be more about partying, boozing, and compensating via gifts for the self-absorption betwixt Christmases as people aren't trained to view each other empathetically throughout the year.  You could say that the nation has lost any semblance of a soul. 

    You're right about the true gifts one might receive throughout the year with genuine concern, interest, and empathy.  Well, that's what Christ-mas is all about isn't it. 

    You're welcome  - about sharing the videos.  Just looking at the faces of the singers, their mannerisms, imbues one with quite a bit of the Christmas spirit.  Beautiful times, those days gone by.  Better to live in the past and rejuvenate and reinforce one's humanity than to 'move with the times' and sever the umbilical cord to one's soul.

    Merry Christmas to you too Vanes :), and may the new year see you having and giving untold joy to those who seek it, and give as they seek.



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