The Plain and Simple Truth about Pop-Stars

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DM, lyrics from 'Heaven'

I dissolve in trust
I will sing with joy
I will end up dust
I'm in heaven......

.......making millions from stuff like this

Whilst 10s of 1000s of children die from poverty and hunger and disease daily,
Whilst Charities beg from the masses for funds to cure cancer to getting rid of poverty,
Whilst People are deprived of the means required to make more of themselves,
Whilst the poorer toil under the benevolent and transfigured self-absorption of the stars,

But yet, thanks to us, they can live their significance vicariously through us, and be lulled into complacency in the face of all of the above.


They are certainly in a Heaven of their own creation, that thrives on the Hell of the reality that is left in their wake.



  1. I absolutely agree with you. How many people do realise that the pop stars, celebrities, artistes whatever names you want to call them are simply overpaid individuals who do nothing but contribute to the escapade of the people from the harsh realities of the world and thus do nothing to make the world a better place to live in...


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