Why Feminists Can Shove It

Viewpoint: What if Women Ruled the World

Not so long ago, the idea that women might rule the world seemed slightly ridiculous - like something out of science fiction. But in an essay to mark International Women's Day, political analyst and former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers argues it's now a topic that can be seriously discussed.
- bbc

(the following are comments by ed placed beneath the aforelinked bbc article)

Certainly not. Women, having become as bad or worse than men, will not have a 'fairer' sex to possibly emulate as did men in the past. Hence, the evil of men will be perpetuated in 'women' whom have become the latest incarnation of the patriarchal and exploitative character.

Anyone watch the unfortunately and highly popular 'Big Bang Theory'?


Madeline Albright, a woman, who said that the killing of close to half a million children in Iraq via medical embargoes 'was worth the price'. 

I bet feminists were thrilled that a woman was finally in a position to say this from a position of traditionally masculine authority.


Feminists are too fixated on the rights of women to bother about equality between the sexes. ~ ed

Feminists say nothing when men are treated the same way as women once were in the media.  That just means that they have moved on from seeking equality between the sexes to domination by women.

That leads me to think that Feminists are too fixated on the rights of women to bother about equality between the sexes.



  1. Relax...female domination isn't going to take place anytime soon. You men will always find ways to have women crawling back to you and do your bidding. Dare I say The Wife of Bath? Lol!

  2. A clear example is when you see a rich older man with a young model. The old man knows that his young companion is probably shallow, materialistic and only with him because he has money; after all, why would a woman choose a 60 year-old fragile man over a 20 year-old virile one?. He will do whatever she says because he doesn't know how to handle an attractive, dominating woman. Are you sure female domination has not taken place? Think again :)

  3. Female domination is already here - especially in 'developed' countries.  Where capitalism is entrenched and men have lost the war with the elite, women step in to take charge of the 'pragmatic' helm in the family and relationship realm and tell men what to do. 

    In the past, a women being sexualised in dressing or demeanour indicated her defining herself according to the likes of men.  Now, when a woman does it, it is to subjugate them.  It is no wonder that dressing sexily is frowned upon amongst men - where are all the short shorts and tight jeans and unbuttoned shirts that we saw in men in the 70s and 80s?  We've seen, often enough, in the movies and 'sit-coms' how women might dress in a provocative fashion, and yet demand that men look at them in the face.  We have seen how women exercise their right to say 'no', whilst men are left to only ask 'when?' as if there is nothing other than their sexuality that defines them. 

    All these hypocritical feminists, or more aptly, 'fem-dominists' would most certainly get their thongs and bras in a twist if women were portrayed as are men in today's shows. 


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