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Boston Bomb accused Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Denies Charges

Boston Marathon bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty to all charges in his first court appearance, as blast victims looked on.

Mr Tsarnaev, 19, faces 30 counts of using a weapon of mass destruction in the two 15 April blasts that killed three, including an eight-year-old boy.

He appeared in shackles and an orange prison suit, and replied "not guilty" as the charges were read to the court. - bbc


following comments from bbc news facebook

Dawn Greenhouse: It's was a white flag bombing everyone knows it !! No one ever questions the real culprits !! Research the evidence ! It's even been seen that there were staged injuries !

Yahya Kushtuban: CIA is guilty. They planted the bombs to scare people and keep them under lockdown. USA citizen are made to sheep so that Obama the F├╝hrer can control them better. Have fun!

Alyson Vernon: I am not saying the guy on trial is guilty. The law will decide. What I am saying is, it was not a fake bombing, people really were killed and maimed.

Henri Musset: have you done any research?, I think not, all fake.

Sean Charles Hall: @ Henri Musset, Prove it. I'll bet you that you cannot. Just another conspiracy nut who thinks they know more than everyone else. Probably uses this as a way of feeling better about himself, more important, and not the nobody that he really is.

Eric Shaunfield: Exactly Sean, it's all ego with these little people who believe in grand conspiracies.

Chris Riley: Ya all crazy anyway

ed: Don't be disheartened by all these rants and raves Dawn. I'm not sure that it is a conspiracy, but i welcome any plausible perspective that claims that reality isn't as the telly will have us perceive.

You can be sure that the likes of those above have been casting stones at Jesus to Copernicus. They are part of the selfsame lineage as was the Inquisition, the Witch-hunts, McCarthy persecutions, amongst others.

In every time, there will be people who would have been accustomed to life as it is, and hence, take great offence at any suggestion that it is otherwise as it threatens their sense of self-efficacy. You can identify them by their penchant for name-calling as opposed to intelligent arguments.

Society cannot fool itself into thinking that it has arrived at the the promised land of 'modernity' without the regimented support of such people.

Very brave of you. Keep up the good work Dawn


Dawn Greenhouse: I was never a conspiracy theorist believe me ......until the last 2 years ....where I started researching !!! And through something that I was reading ...and it said ......they can afford war but can't afford to feed the poor ???! .......makes you think doesn't it .....

Sean Charles Hall: Oh boy, you people don't have much going on with your lives do you? Trust me, you need to go and get a life.

Eric Shaunfield: Find a girl, even a fat girl, and get some. It will take your mind right off of those stupid conspiracy theories. Or if you're addicted to the internet swap conspiracy theories for porn... at least that would be more satisfying.

Troy More: Crazy Person Alert!

Jody Harrison: dafuq are you talking about please shut up and die

Henrietta Lilley: Oh please! Why go to all the trouble of putting a bomb in Boston to then arrest some completely unknown kid. If it was a leader of Al Quaeda they wanted to implicate then this ridiculous conspiracy theory would make more sense!

Ed: No Henrietta, to implicate 'some completely unknown kid' would increase the element of fear and subservience amongst the masses as it would indicate to them that everyone is to be feared as opposed to some super-villain on the other side of the world.   

The greater the mutual distrust, the easier the government will be able to control them.  What every government fears is the unity of a people. 


ed: The more horrendous the atrocity, the more the vehemence with which people will disbelief that it is a conspiracy.

Why? Because nobody wants to believe that they might be so powerless that a government can conspire to do such a thing and make it so. And it is in times like these that cements the power over the minds of the masses.

I'm not saying that this is a conspiracy, i just find it interesting how people take the suggestion that it might be, without knowing why.

ed: We can't say for sure that this is a conspiracy. What we can be sure of is that power in a class-based system that sees the few controlling the numerous requires that transparency be relegated to nothing more than summer-wear. Hence, it is plausible that conspiracies are true, albeit not in every case.

The greatest conspiracy of all is where society is pushed in directions which results in the natural occurrence of great atrocities that are not in itself a result of governmental conspiracy.

Think along the lines of depriving a horse of water so that it would naturally seek out the river. The 'conspiracy' lies in the former, but people are fixated on the fact that the horse has sought the river off its own volition.



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