Homopromo and the problem with westerners

It is quite the rage in the west, and via the west, the world, to confuse the protection of  the right to engage in something with the normalcy of the activity itself.

Right.  So we have some idiots beating up homosexuals, or homosexuals being discriminated against in employment, or in the army, amongst others.  So westerners get together and call for an end to such persecution and discrimination.  And rightly so. 


But they have confused the right to not be harassed and discriminated, and the right to do what you want so long as it doesn’t affect the interests of others, with the promotion of that which is discriminated against. 

It is quite a dilemma, I have to admit.  How do we fight against discrimination against homosexuals without presenting homosexuality as normal?  Or putting it another way, why should we fight against discrimination against homosexuality by presenting homosexuality as normal?  It’s as if, if something is abnormal, it is alright to discriminate against it, and hence, to deter discrimination against it, we have to promote it as normal.

In such a situation, we have to remember that we should be simply focusing on the right to not be discriminated against, or persecuted, or beaten up, for our tendencies.  That’s it.  We shouldn’t be saying, ‘hey, you can’t beat that homosexual up because it is normal to be homosexual.’  Rather, we should be saying, ‘hey you can’t beat that homosexual up whether what s/he does is normal or not.’ 

If we take that former stance, we’ll just end up promoting homosexuality, as is already the case via western movies, sit-coms, etc.

why should we fight against discrimination against homosexuality by presenting homosexuality as normal?

Of course, with that, we come into another problem.  Defining what is ‘normal’.  Westerners will have you believe that if someone likes something, it is normal, so long as it doesn’t affect the interests of others, or harm others.  Don’t forget, the west has no moral compass.  They are largely and pretty much a Godless hedonistic race whose children are led by advertisements, the corporation, and are pretty much ignorant about perspectives from all other cultures across the world because the colonial era, to the present, has been nothing but an effort to enrich themselves and nothing about learning anything from others that does not lead to profit in their pockets. 

Hence, when they pass an opinion on anything, they are passing it not on the basis of all that is to be known, but all that they know after ignoring any perspective of non-western origin.  For them, ‘evil’ is just something they don’t like, not something that is a concept that can be used to check on their own tendencies.  Likewise, the idea of ‘good’, for such a people, becomes nothing but that which has a large amount of ‘like’ on Facebook.  The idea of Good is not something that is understood ONLY after they have engaged in critical introspection and considered the perspectives of non-western origins.  You could say that next to China, the west, with America leading the way, view themselves as the centre of civilisation.  Now I have no problem with that if they serve as a clearing house for the ideas of the whole world.  Unfortunately, they only serve as a pulpit upon which they proselytise to the whole world that which they know after ignoring all that is to be known from the rest of the world other than the negative stuff.

We shouldn’t be promoting every fetish out there simply because there is someone out there to discriminate against someone engaging in the fetish. 

Hence, for such a people, the western individual’s tendencies and ‘likes’ are the source of all that should be done or paid attention to.  Whether it is the childish way they speak English - as evident in their sit-coms and movies of recent years; their computer games which are either generally grossly childish and mind-numbingly repetitive or full of gore and violence; their movies which are basically almost all children’s movies but which may be classified as ‘adult’ not because of intelligent content, but because of violence/sex/nudity/gore/vulgarity; or their paying actors, tv presenters, and sportspersons billions whilst stating that they do not have enough funds to get a cure for cancer, HIV, and Alzheimer's; or promoting fast foods laden with fat and sugar that will leave their pharmaceutical companies laughing their way to the bank; or calling for a 'war on terror' against others after these others had retaliated for far worse done by the americans against them; or promoting the asinine activities and interests of their teenagers via youtube vids now being increasingly aired on television; or coming with one reality show or fake reality show or movies or sit-coms that are grossly sexist against men, downright mean and sarcastic and malicious; or having women play the role of downright bitches in the movies and sit-coms that just blurs the lines between men and women to the point that one can arguably view a heterosexual marriage as a homosexual one.  

That is the western definition of ‘adult’?  

How much credence should any objective aspiring adult be giving the pronouncements of normalcy by such an ‘adult’? 

So when they go on their streets and protest for the right of women to be sluts, or for ‘gays’ to take pride, and then move on to tell the whole world that what the white man and women decide amongst themselves to be normal is so, simply because they like it.  And if you disagree, you are a ‘homophobe’.  No mate, if I don’t think it normal is because it simply isn’t.  You want to engage in it, go right ahead.  I may even join you out of curiosity or for a 'change of scenery'.  But I’m not going to start taking ‘pride‘ in it and demanding that such activities are aired on television and cast as alright.  We shouldn’t be promoting every fetish out there simply because there is someone out there to discriminate against someone engaging in the fetish. 

Humanity wouldn’t be here if our first ancestors simply stuck to shagging their own gender.  Progress isn’t coming to a point where we are finally technologically advanced enough to have abortion, surrogacy and homosexuality and not risk our human race being wiped out.  We may keep humanity alive, but what spiritual qualities are we losing.  Oh, sorry, I forgot, the white man’s idea of ‘spirit’ is that which is contained within a bottle right? 

I'm not saying that we should spurn everything western.  Certainly not.  If they choose to come to conclusions and attribute value to anything on the basis of the little that they know, we should not make the same mistake by ignoring all that is western and coming to conclusions and attributing value to anything on the basis of the little that we know.  I personally attempt to engage in a 'cancelling out' process where take the positives of one culture and use it to detect the evils in another culture and vice versa.  To that, i need to appreciate all the cultural perspectives out there, including western as well - and i have certainly learnt significant things from them as well.  It is only through this process that we can begin to know what is right, instead of confusing 'white as right' as western whites do.

Technological advance has to be paired with perspectival cosmopolitanism.  In other words, until you have descended from your high horse and considered the views of people of pigment, what you have to say should be taken with more than a smidgin of scepticism as the pronouncements of someone who claims to know it all after ignoring everything that is to be known of non-western origins.



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