why I don't Mobzom

You ķnow why I do not Mobzom (Mobile Zombie - my own term for walking around with my eyes glued to a mobile device)?

Simple.  By doing so, I'm basically telling people that they are insignificant.  If I need to text someone, I usually steer to a side wall or something, text, then back into my bag it goes.

Paying each other some degree of significance, whether by little glances, consciously giving way, perhaps that rare smile, or look of recognition when seeing someone you pass daily, or giving or being aware of looks of curiosity, or....or....or....  You know, even when we walk with our chins up, and give way to another, we are GIVING WAY to another.  Not like when one Mobzoms, one does not give way, one AVOIDS another whilst our eyes are affixed in the direction of reclusive self-interest.

So keeping our chins up.....are ways we indicate to each other that you, me, we, matter.  That you, me, we are OF matter, that we are more than mere bits and bytes projected from our mobile devices to ourselves, and each other.



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