The Real Singapore, in rap

Sudah lah Singapura

Wah kah le kong hor this is Singapore
Turns all into a matador a carnivore
After enough they still want more
Too bad there ain’t no system restore

People got the branded lenses
but ain't got no vision
They got widescreen tellies
But man they're  tunnel-visioned

governmental stricture is holy scripture
well-biased toward the yellow tincture
They like it unadulterated
So, no no, please no admixture

go glaze eyed when they are contradicted
They’re gonna think you need to be committed
they got the words not the perspective
cerebral haemorrhage if introspective

Many aren’t nice
Sucking you dry like head lice
From top to bottom
COE to economical rice

only brands cash and condo matter
if you disagree you’re the mad hatter
their brains all fallin’ out, get the suture
intellect critical low in cubic measure

*Wah kah le kong hor this is singapore
So clean you can eat off the floor
Thinkin out of the box is such a chore
National pledge is ‘it’s like that one lor’


peg increases for fags to the United k
but for welfare and rights its not ok
you cannot puff on e-cigarettes
they’d rather you pay for cancer meds

Gov salaries pegged to private sector
while people become a lifelong debtor
might whinge and whine in a forum letter
but come election say the pap is better

economy good, their pay gets jacked
When recession tell you to pick up the slack
Gotta work hard or its hit the road jack
Whilst they own the stocks and hold all the swag

point a to b gotta pay ERP
for a car and a bike the COE
non-subsidised subsidised HDB
not forgetting the fines you gotta pay duly

press of a button administration fee
if that ain’t enough you got GST
for all of this you can thank the GOV
peeper just say that’s the way its meant to be

the country’s said to be
low in corruption
cos what ain’t right approved in
gov’s a corporation
despite election
board of directors
enforcing mass subjection

every election you get PAP
to get the votes just redraw the boundary
yeah so what if they got an opposition
but after JBJ they’re Legalist-Confucian

It’s a highly ordered efficient state
Quicker your money for them to take
If you’re not happy queue for the sweepstake
While the gov get pay rises with no handbrake

Everything’s at the behest of the Lees
While you have only a 99 year lease
If you want anything kow tow and say please
Or you’ll answer to the corporate police

*Wah kah le kong hor this is singapore
So clean you can eat off the floor
Think out of the box you’ll be ignored
Back to zero on the common scoreboard


Racism is institutional
equality simply illusional
if you ain’t majority
you’re marginal
till you’re assimilated
rendered unremarkable

for housing a racial quota for unity
to promote harmony and community
but the Chinese must always be majority
difference a minority in every constituency

Migrants derided as foreign talent
Xenophobes prefer the ole imbalance
I think they’re all kinda unbalanced
Me ain’t letting this go without challenge

in 87 said bye to multicultural
then it was Confucian unidirectional
quelled that which was oppositional
defused thought that was counterpositional

this passed without mass challenge
cos some thrived with the cultural imbalance
people became dumb and without talent
soon made imperative foreign talent

media and unions under singular control
all to keep in line the national prole
everything’s fine if you do what you’re told
in a blindfold you’re baked in the selfsame mold

media productions are almighty lame
dumbs you down keeps you pretty tame
whatever the channel it’s all the same
worse than sniffin glue in killin’ cells in the brain

eating shopping as national pastime
Real different from what was the case last time
fave blues rock multicultural locations
Became MSG-laden destinations

Culture limited to mastication
As the soul suffered national exorcisation
Everyone awaits the mega sale
That’s the sum of the national cocktail

Now You get boys in berets MRT cops
Best you be like the rest of them props
Big brother watching through uniformed cyclops
Difference delayed by more than MRT stops

Men in bermudas weak and hen-pecked
The women have all the cards in the deck
Keep the family in mind to keep you in line
Just eat and keep politics far from your mind

*Wah kah le kong hor this is singapore
It’s so clean you can kun on the floor
Thinkin out of the box is bo cheng kor
It’s not something you can do outdoor


but its ok they got lucky numbers
Triple 8 gives them oh sweet slumbers
If that ain’t enough they still got Feng Shui
Like Superman to whisk their problems away

If things are tough and don’t go your way
Get down on your knees to ancestor and pray
Get a kitty waving in money like a fan
Or a fortune teller to read your hand

To relieve stress join the tai chi clan
Or include in your diet a lot of bran
Maybe also you can have lots of children
when you die lots of hell money to burn

Let’s not forget the long queues for lottery
a bypass for a narrowing economic artery
the mantra’s work hard and buy 4d
don’t think so much vote for the PA Party

leave the thinking to the professional
It’s a chronic disease its national
Everyone sticks to what’s occupational
that’s their definition of what’s practical

anything besides is deemed radical
you’re a troublemaker you’re irrational
say ‘it’s like that one lah’ that’s fashionable
mantra to puts your mind in a manacle

This the overarching popular solution
Comprising the national constitution
leads to devolution and diminution
For cogitation it is just substitution

*Wah kah le kong hor this is singapore
It’s so clean you can chia off the floor
Thinkin out of the box is such a bore
They’re most likely to nod off and snore


Wah kah le kong hor That’s singapore
Turns all into a matador a carnivore
After enough they still want more
So they’ll think this raps pretty much luo suo

Wah kah le kong hor That’s singapore
All hello kitty and Pokemon Go lor
the destitute are left uncared for
while people queue outside the Apple store

Wah kah le kong hor That’s singapore
All this progress and i ask what for
When everyone wants a hole in one
And nobody bothering to yell fore!

Wah kah le kong hor That’s singapore
The singapore of yesteryear is no more
Their humanity is pretty much done for
Got me wishing the Brits never left this shore

Wah kah le kong hor That’s singapore
Le bo suka, lam pa pa lan lor
Wah kah le kong hor That’s singapore
If you want change, then tan ku ku hor

That’s the present Singapore sling
No substance just bling bling bling
talk about this you’re gonna draw a blank
Cos dumbassery now has you outflanked


That’s why i say Sudah lah Singapura
Raise the standard and lower the color bar
And I’m tired of all this fascist repertoire
Just about drained out the talent reservoir

hope this rap and rhyme ain’t got you bitter
if it does go chew on an effin fritter
or watch Phua Chu Kang and have a titter
might make all this shit taste so much sweeter

I got this to say
don’t be the predator nor the prey
there’s more to life
than an effin food buffet

we make more of ourselves
by making more of each other
that’s the real meaning of
one nation together

Your potentials don’t squander
Your future don’t fritter
It’s gatherin’ dust too long on the shelve
You’re meant to be more than a hobbit or an elf

You can be a lion not a ferret or a lemur
So go get your head out of the effin freezer
Don’t be a part of the tapestry be the weaver
With those words Factor eX for now leaves yer


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