from Westernism to Homoism

Homosexuality had evolved from being just a 'freedom to be a homo' phenomenon.

It can now rightly be termed as HomoISM, where it is put forth as an ideology in itself. In this, it is incorporating all other civil rights movements, the western socialists and 'left' in general, the idea of liberalism, progress, and the very idea of 'being civilised' for its cause. 

No more the 'freedom to love' through socialism where there is no opportunity cost for loving your neighbour as thyself.   Failing to achieve this greater freedom, they are now left with the freedom to marry your own gender to redefining your cock as clitoris and vice versa.

Seeking to join hands with...

...people in the west against this LGBTQ phenomenon is quite counterproductive as they do not question other aspects of their culture, or their culture as a whole, and thus leave possible and probable causes for this unaddressed.

And this is further exacerbated by people in the west, or the entire white northern hemisphere, constantly failing to appreciate and take on cultural perspectives from the rest of the world, which has had the effect of severely narrowing their perspectival arsenal, or the intellectual means by which they analyse things. Hence, they will be less able to appreciate how seemingly innocuous aspects of their culture today can lead to lamentable consequences on the morrow.

The west has forgotten that it is not adulthood that validates whatever choices you make, but the right choices that validates your adulthood.

Time and again, from the 60s to the present, they have left unquestioned their growing hedonism; consumerism; the erosion of valuable traditions and religions; promoted celeb-worship; the search for immediate gratification; promoting reactivist tendencies through shaky cameras to gore to sexualised 'entertainment'; letting the young to determine the way they speak, think, and feel through the media, arts, music, and entertainment; amongst others.  This has gradually dotted out an evolutionary socio-economic and cultural roadmap to consequences which many in the west bemoan today. 

They are afflicted with a cultural arrogance that on the one hand sees them being reared to shrug off all the profound cultures of the world, whilst being disarmed from scrutinising and criticising their own culture by viewing themselves as the centre of the world - an attitude of elitist white supremacist foundations that has continued from and evolved into various forms from colonial times to the present. 

And in this, they have turned the west itself into a westernISM, a religion, a faith in its own right, that seeks to convert the rest of the world to join its congregation in the hope and aspiration that they may be remade in their image.  That is why, from Indians insensibly wearing western suits and ties in sweltering climates to, now, being able to marry your own gender, has become the ultimate expression of 'being white'.


...whilst many in the west might be against the legalisation of gay marriages and its promotion to children, they weren't equally averse to the sexualisation of their children through MTV, their teens through a host of entertainment that celebrates hedonism to 'casual' sex, and then go on to term 'adult' movies, not for its intelligent content, but for its sex and gore. 

The west has forgotten that it is not adulthood that validates whatever choices that you make, but the right choices that validates your adulthood.  Forgetting this has led to them to develop a culture of underdevelopment where one is left writhing with desires for immediate gratification promoted by their celebs to their corporations to their 'like' buttons to their 'emojis'. 

The west has forgotten that an adult's right to sin is not an argument for it to be celebrated and promoted because it is engaged in by adults.  In that, they have turned expanded the purvue of consumerism to include your own gender and institutionalised sexual cannibalism from its preceding 'casual sex' between opposite genders to marriages between selfsame ones.  And in the umbrella term, 'the freedom to love', they have finally, in principle, validated incest itself.

It's unfortunate, but people in the west whom like to think they are a part of the solution to this crisis, amongst a host of others, in view of the above, are symbiotic parts of the problem.  They can't be trusted with themselves, let alone the evolution of the world.



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