rapLyrics: Factor e(d)X

 I was born out of dream
into a nightmare with a scream
Dropped midstream
in the flow of the bloodstream

looking for the source
I paddled upstream
in the distance I could see
the bleeding knife gleam

That’s the spirit of
Modern times theme
That’s what lies
beneath all that bling gleam

People feed off it
Like its bloody whipped cream
They take it to bed
like it’s a goddamn wet dream

That’s the soul of
the American dream
but It ain’t my thing
I’m another colour scheme

My flag ain’t star spangled
I strike for the red team
U can’t tear me apart
I’m stitched with no seam

I’m your conscience
24/7 livestream
I don’t give a damn
About the right wing mainstream

If you get in my way
It’s best you veered
Or you’re gonna find yourself
Skinned, singed and seared

I ain’t the herd, sheared
Puppeteered careered
Skin through bone
Factor eX ain’t veneered

** stuff society
I’m gonna form my own crew
I ain’t falling for all that
corporate voodoo

Scheme scam Uncle Sam
You’re screwed from the pram
They’re making a meal
Out of the paschal lamb

Flimflam capitol hill
All the way to Siam
I’m here to take it down
With a battering ram

I don’t need mass validation
or acclamation
to be all over this shit
like 1 0 1 Dalmatian

I’m takin you down
Like you simply ain’t nothin
So go on watch your crotch
I’m gonna be head-buttin

I stand against all
My temple ain’t the mall
All you celeb-worshippers
Go get a life y’all

When it comes to thought
you have not the wherewithal
You need a reformat
Not an uninstall

Go rid yourself
of the chain and ball
your spongy head got hit
with a right-wing curved ball


Shove the master plan
Of the reptilian clan
I’m the designer
Me got my own shiny brand

Don’t need your likes
I’m my biggest fan
You can’t ground me
I got a wide wingspan

I answer to none
But the hallowed Godman
I’m the heaven’s sideburned
knuckledustin G-man

I'm rated PG
Political Gangsta
I’m the real G
Crackin idols of alabaster

on your fascist ass
I'm a climactic disaster
I abide by no
terrestrial master

here to kick the bossman
in the goddamn gland
with my arms akimbo
here to make the final stand

** stuff society
I’m gonna form my own crew
I ain’t falling for all that
corporate voodoo

In the land of the blind
The one-eyed is side-lined
Ostracised marginalised
and left behind

Society favours
the main streamlined
It don’t matter no more
This thing called your bloodline

Towards this trends and shit
I’m disinclined
Unlike the rest
My mind's got a spine

Unlike the rest
I ain’t no bovine
Me, I don’t come
With no freakin tow-line

I’m the definition of
the V sign
My north star
no it ain’t the dollar sign

Forget it man
Me I don’t tow the line
I’m a rebel
I’m the top of the line

My mind is vast
It has no coastline
Always clear as day
No international dateline

I’m a rebel a-rousin
in every screenplay
on the head of the elite
it’s anchor’s aweigh

for all that scammin whitewash
I’m the paint stripper
for your comatose mind
I’m the spark transmitter

passing the truth
through you to your litter
here have some sugar
it’s gonna be freakin bitter

I’m here to stay
The predators’ my prey
If you ain’t walking with me
Get the fuck out of my way

In this machine
I’m the saboteur
I’m the thorn in the side
of the corp Kaiser

when it comes to society
I’m like Stephen Hawking
I connect the dots
expose the interlocking

So what if this shit
Seems downright hopeless
But I gotta keep trying
Cos I’m gonna be blameless

I’m here to kick the system
in the nuts and shins
Relegate the elite to
the do-not-recycle bins

** Shove society
I’m gonna form my own crew
I ain’t falling for all that
corporate voodoo

To brother rappers
wannabe gangsters
for your condition
here’s my prescription

What’s with east coast
What’s with west coast
At the end
You’re both on the whipping post

To the king
You’re just the roast
He owns your ass
And the winning post

So what’s with all that
Bling and boast
When he’s chewing your ass
Like bacon on toast

It’s like you’re the
triple K’s franchise
Daily dishing out
each other demise

Give up the gangbanging
and drivebying
Of your spirit
it ain’t exemplifying

You don’t need this
longitudinal division
Your worldview needs an
ideological revision

Get back to addition
and multiplication
Send it to me for
assessment and correction


I’m the factor eX
A star with a hammer and axe
none can stop me
I’m cranked, min past max

On the system
I’m like an evil hex
cross the man’s back
making tracks like t-rex

I’m taking the lies down
Putting it 6 underground
vision’s ultrasound
Sniffin’ out what isn’t sound

This my thing
Till i’m homeward bound
So get your head out of your ass
It’s time you come around

Till then I’ll be a-struttin’
keep the boat a-rockin’
if you got the sense
you will listen with no mocking

but whether you do or don’t
I’ll the man be a-stalking
best you pay heed
cos time’s tick-a-tockin’

don’t mistake this rap
for insensible squawking
or you’ll one day end up with
coal in your stocking

I glide like a feather
But i’m a heavy weight
Round the first estate
Rapping the figure eight

I’m here to emancipate
get you to cogitate
of my mind unlike most
F ex is head of state



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