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Well, after a decade of '' - which i started when i went to the UK....very inspiring place....started writing more, doing music, rap lyrics there - i've finally decided to disable the '.com' and go back to ''.

'Blogspot'?  Yes, not very 'professional sounding' is it.

But that's a whole load of codswallop isn't it.  It's the content that matters.  There are so many '.coms' and other such 'professional sounding' variants out there publishing a whole load of crapola - singapore is full of it for instance.  So i'm supposed to pay more than a 100usd per decade to give Simple Simonas the impression that, 'this is a serious site because it's name is according2ed followed by a '.com like all the celebrated and 'trending' sites'?

It's all a 'wannabe' or pretentious thing isn't it.  You wear a suit to gain 'respectability', or you wear a rolex to show you've 'made it', or put a sock in your pants to impress the bimbettes.  No, it's the content that matters.  If you need a .com for people to take you seriously, then those people aren't smart enough to discern gourmet from garbage, and they wouldn't learn much anyway as they are handicapped from the perspectival basis.  Doesn't matter.

And most importantly, if you buy a domain name for your free-hosted site like Google's .blogspot, attach it to your blogspot and vice versa, or whatever other site, and you go bankrupt, or drop dead, what happens?  Well, when you fail to renew your domain name, your site goes invisible.  People who try to access it get an 'error' page, or are redirected to the website of the next guy who buys it.

So no.  Longevity is important, if not popularity amongst the tadpoles in the shallow end.

So i just went to the backend of blogger site, and clicked the 'X' next to '' and disabled it - even though it still has close to 10 years left before it is up for renewal.  I should have thought about this before i renewed.  Well, i did, but thought that i wanted to reach out to a bigger audience so as to convert them to the belief, cogito ergo sum.  But no, enough of this pretentiousness. 

I've set up the '' domain name to now simplyredirect to '', NOT replace the 'blogspot' in the address.  If i do maintain a .com-style name, it would be solely to make it easy for people to remember when i tell them where to go for some mind-stimuli.  With a simple 'redirection' to blogspot, when the .com finally expires, the will still be visible, and perhaps, long after i've gone on to my next posting in the life after this - preferably i'll be back to kickass again.

So, for perspectives and bottom-lines on many issues, which no 'professional' sites are going to offer, it's

However, in view of my own philosophical and perspectival evolution, future publishings will be on as that name reflects my greater evolved state of realising that 'x', being an unknown value, indicates my constant quest to evolve. will still be updated with all the articles appearing on, but this will be periodically and not in synchronisation with updates on ed-x.  All articles appearing on according2ed have been included in ed-x.

Keep well.



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