Dear Liverpool FC and other FC fan-gits...

"Footballer Mohamed Salah scores 50th Goal for Liverpool.

Win against Southampton lifts Liverpool back on top of Premier League, as Egyptian striker joins elite club of players. - AJ"

Well, Liverpool isn't really Liverpool is it. More like 'we got the money to get great ballkickers wherever they come from' FC. It's more like an acquisition company acquiring Intellectual Property from the workers, and giving the credit to their Sony or Samseng IP-acquisition companies - who get all the unconditional royalties whilst the workers get conditional paychecks...but i digress.

Something like those wizards and wotsits card games where those with the most money can purchase all those expensive cards with whatever illusory powers that are supposed to justify their price so that they can beat the other poor sods who can't afford them. They might as well abbreviate their games and just stick to throwing down all the money they got on the table and declaring the dipstick with the most dosh as the winner right?

Support of these clubs are just a support of the wealthy innit. So these football clubs might as well do the same thing. No need for any long-drawn matches. The match can just feature a scoreboard that indicates which club has the most money, and have the trophy digitally transferred to the richest club. That's why i don't get all these 'firms' who support their clubs with fists and wavy fanfare. Give me a break man.

Even if all the players were drawn from your county or country, so what? You didn't score anything. So what's with all these vicarious feel-good-about-yourself-cos-they-represent-you bollocks? They walk away with millions, and you potter away with a hoarse throat with all sorts of supportive merchandise that puts money into their pockets. No different from building a Lego version of your team holding up a trophy.

People who do all these FC-supporting shite where the players are drawn from all over also probably believe that Sesame Street's 'Elmo' is played by Elmo himself.

People who do all these FC-supporting shite where the players are drawn from all over also probably believe that Sesame Street's 'Elmo' is played by Elmo himself.  It's someone else beneath all that fur, and also, it certainly isn't you, you plonker.  If you didn't get that, it means Liverpool, Westham, Manchester United, your nation-state's team, etc, isn't drawn from their own people, and it also doesn't include you.

I'm not a nationalist, and i can't give a toss over soccer, with a coin or otherwise, but the logic behind clubs with state or city names are no different from any capitalist corp based in a particular state, using that state as a 'brand', but not having problems outsourcing its brains to brawn to china or wherever.

No need for any pride when this or that club or nation wins you know. It comes across as dumb as all those 'fanboys' and 'fangals'....or 'fan-non-binaries' or fantransgenders....did i leave any new variation of 'freedom' out?...who cheer at everything that the latest CEO of Apple to Huawei have to say about their next latest shiny shite. So what? It ain't the 2nd Coming, and you're still a dumb cog in a machinery of elite ownership.

Grow up man.



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