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Are Singaporean Racists Ready for a non-chinese PM?

*first published at CivilReview L et's face it, from the first, and late PM, Lee Kuan Yew, to Lee's Son, the current PM Lee Hsien Loong, they've always used the 'singaporeans are not ready for a non-chinese PM' story to keep the Indians and Malays out, perpetuate chinese chauvinism, and the rule of the PAP that is based on chinese chauvinism itself. This was especially the case from the late 1980s when the PAP begin a zealous chinesification campaign in singapore to put an end to the multiculturalism that was bringing the different races together and increasing the collective intelligence and political vibrancy. And now we have a Heng Swee Kiat, put forth as the next PM, saying that 'older singaporeans aren't ready for a non-chinese PM'.  That is like saying, "i'm sorry, but we Chinese PMs need to consider the views of the racists in our race more than the non-racists." If what these 3 say is true, that is an admittance, or clai

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